Minecraft Bedrock server properties guide

Minecraft Bedrock server properties allow players to customize various aspects of their Bedrock edition server. These properties control features such as the game mode, difficulty level, player limits, and world generation settings. The following guide provides an overview of each setting and briefly explains its function. Understanding and configuring these server properties can significantly enhance the overall gaming experience for server administrators and players, ensuring that the server aligns with their preferences and gameplay style.

Note Learn how to edit Minecraft Bedrock server settings here.

Minecraft Server Properties for Bedrock Guide
server-name=Dedicated Server
Sets the name of the server.

Sets the gamemode on the server. The values are survival, creative, and adventure. The gamemode of existing players will not change unless the server sets force-gamemode=true.

Sets whether a player's gamemode reverts to the server gamemode when joining, regardless if it changed on their last session.

Sets the difficulty of the game. The values are peaceful, easy, normal, and hard.

Sets whether cheat commands can run on the server.

Sets the maximum number of players on the server. A higher number of players consume more server resources.

Sets whether the server checks joining players are authenticated to Xbox Live. Players connecting to non-LAN servers go through Xbox Live authentication regardless. Recommended to leave on true to protect the server from fake and unsafe accounts.

Sets whether allowlisting is enabled or not. Players not on the allowlist are unable to connect.

Sets the IPv4 port of the server.

Sets the IPv6 port of the server.

Sets the view distance of the server, regardless of players' client settings. A lower value is recommended when experiencing significant lag.

Sets how many chunks tick away from the player. The values range from 4 to 12. A lower value is recommended when experiencing significant lag.

Sets how long a player can idle before being kicked from the server. The value is in minutes. When set to 0, it is disabled.

Sets the maximum number of threads the server can use. When set to 0, the server will use as many as possible.

level-name=Bedrock level
Sets the name of the world and folder save.

Generates a world seed based on the value. If left blank, it generates a random seed.

Sets the permission level of a new player joining the server for the first time. The values are visitor, member, and operator.

Setting the value to true prompts joining players to accept the server texture pack. Declining will disconnect players from the server.

Sets whether logging content errors to a file is enabled or not.

Sets the networking packets below the value to be compressed. Recommended to leave on default.

Sets whether server authoritative movement is enabled or not. Corrections will only happen if the server sets correct-player-movement=true.

client-auth - The server will use player-movement settings instead of corrections.
- The server will send corrections to the player if they do not match the server's position.
- The server will rewind the player's time, apply the correction, then replay all player inputs since then. It will be much smoother but with more frequent corrections.

Sets the duration of time to detect abnormal movement between player and server positions. The player gets kicked from the server when exceeding the threshold. The value is in milliseconds.

Sets the amount of difference between a player's attack and look directions. The value ranges between 0 and 1.

0 - Two directions can differ by up to and including 90 degrees.
1 - The directions must exactly match.

Sets the threshold to exceed to detect abnormal movement between player and server positions. The value is in milliseconds.

Sets the duration of player and server positions being out of sync before incrementing their abnormal movement score. The value is in milliseconds.

Sets whether corrections apply to player positions to match the server.

Sets whether the server synchronizes block mining operations with the player. The server verifies the player's ability to break blocks when they believe they can.

Minecraft Bedrock server properties allow server administrators to customize and control various aspects of their server. By adjusting these settings, they can create unique gameplay experiences and tailor the server environment to suit their preferences and the needs of their players. With the flexibility provided by server properties, Minecraft Bedrock servers can be personalized and optimized for an enjoyable experience.

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