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How do I update my server?

If there is an update available for your server in our panel, you will see the following message right at the top:

Our JAR Selection Menu will also let you know that an update is available:

This message appears when you don't have anything selected from our JAR Selection Menu which usually means if you had something selected it was updated. If you are running a custom jar and are seeing this message you need to load the custom jar per our instructions down below where it says "How to use a custom JAR file?" to make this message go away.

How to update your server:
1. Stop your server
2. Using the JAR Selection Menu select the new version of your modpack/server JAR you want to use.
3. Now scroll down and click the Save button.
4. Start your server and your modpack/server will be automatically updated.

If you know for a fact there is a new version available, but you do not see it in our panel, let us know via a support ticket and we will push the new version to our panel right away.

 How do I switch between different modpacks?
Switching between modpacks 
is extremely easy! Our system is smart enough to determine when you are switching from one modpack to another, so there is little work left for you to do.
1. Stop your server
2. Select the new modpack 
you want to use using the JAR Selection Menu
3. Click the Save button
4. Start your server

What will happen is the server will see you want to switch modpacks, so what it will first do is take all of your current files and pack them into a folder called old_<current modpack>_<current date and time>. Then it will install your new modpack. This way you still have your old files if you ever want to use them again. If not, simply delete them from your server.
Please note that this applies only when going modpack to modpack that is available in our JAR Selection Menu.

How to use a custom JAR file?
1. Download whatever .jar you want to use on your server. Whether it's a special mod 
or just a specific version of Craftbukkit you want to use.
2. Rename the JAR file from whateveritis.jar to custom.jar (rename it to customjava7.jar if need to launch your .jar with Java 7)
3. Upload the newly renamed custom.jar or customjava7.jar file to your server's main directory.
4. Using the JAR Selectin Menu select Special: custom.jar or Special: customjava7.jar and click the Save button. This will tell your server to load the custom.jar file you had renamed in the previous step.
5. Now when you start your server it will load your custom JAR file.

If any information you see here is outdated please let us know by creating a support ticket. Thank you.

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