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Top 5 Minecraft 1.21 Modpacks

Posted on by amber
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Minecraft 1.21 has only been out for a short time, but that’s all some modders needed to bring their updates online! So, today, we explore our top 5 Minecraft 1.21 modpacks that are currently available to try.

The Vanilla Experience

Minecraft 1.21 Modpacks: The Vanilla Experience Logo The first modpack is as vanilla as they come while still adding a ton of fun! The Vanilla Experience by Serilum focuses not on changing the game itself but on improving the experience for what is already there. Cutting trees in one fell swoop at the cost of hunger, edible vanilla items for short effects, and campfires providing regeneration, to name just a few of the additions within.

More Animals

Minecraft 1.21 Modpacks: More Animals Logo Have you ever wanted a modpack that simply focuses on adding more animals? Well, look no further than More Animals by Lupin! This nifty modpack does exactly as its name describes and fills your world with countless forms of life from the most famous animal mods one can find.

New Game – An Improved Experience

Minecraft 1.21 Modpacks: New Game Logo Lupin is back again with a second modpack called New Game that adds a bit of everything to enjoy. New mobs, new biomes, new structures, new blocks, new advancements, and so much more! Those looking for a much more fleshed-out version of vanilla will love all this modpack has in store.

Fabulously Optimized

Fabulously Optimized Logo Fabulously Optimized by Robotkoer may not add new features, but it does add plenty of visuals and FPS! Entirely client-side, this modpack can be used just about anywhere, allowing every server and world to look better than ever before.


BlockFront Logo Finally, we have Blockfront by Hiamscooter, which completely changes Minecraft into a first-person shooter! Be ready to face off against others in multiplayer matchmaking with locations, guns, and vehicles accurate to the Second World War. There is no crafting here, only shooting!

Top 5 Minecraft 1.21 Modpacks

Our list has come to a close, but hopefully, it led to a new modpack to explore! So many are out there waiting to be tried, and each are far more fun with friends by your side. Won’t you give one a try? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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