How to enable all admin commands on a Valheim server

Valheim is an open-world survival game developed by Iron Gate Studios in which players step into a Norse-inspired world as exiled Vikings. Players will quickly find Valheim challenging, making admin commands such as "fly" or "debugmode" enticing. On multiplayer servers, however, most admin commands are disabled by default, requiring mods to enable them.

Admin privileges are required to use commands. Follow this guide for instructions.

How to Enable All Admin Commands on a Valheim Server

1. Download and install Server_devcommands. Instructions for installing mods can be found here.

2. Right click on Valheim in your Steam Library.

3. Click on Properties.

4. In the General tab, type -console into the launch options.

5. Launch Valheim and connect to the server.

6. Press F5 to open the in-game console.

7. Type devcommands and press Enter.

8. Admin commands will now be enabled; type help for a list of commands.

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