How to ban players on a Conan Exiles server

On your Conan Exiles server, it is crucial to have the ability to ban players who are not following the rules or disrupting the game for others. Knowing how to ban players can ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for all players on your Conan Exiles server. You can also set a password on your server, which you can learn here.

Admin permission is required. Learn how to add admins here.

How to Ban Players on a Conan Exiles Server
Open Conan Exiles.

2. Press escape while logged onto the server.

3. Choose Settings.

4. Select the Server Settings tab on the far right.

5. Press the Make Me Admin button and log in as admin.

6. Click Back for the admin permissions to take effect.

7. Press escape and choose Admin Panel.

8. Choose Player List in the middle.

9. Click Ban on the right of the player name.

10. Click Yes to confirm.

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