How to connect to a Colony Survival server

Colony Survival is a voxel-based strategy game focused on building and defending a colony. The multiplayer mode allows players to join forces and construct sprawling villages, manage resources, and battle waves of enemies. Players can join forces with friends and strangers, adding a unique layer of social interaction to the already engaging Colony Survival multiplayer experience. To play multiplayer with friends through BisectHosting, you must connect to the server by changing the server name and finding that server name in the Colony Survival server browser. Joining a BisectHosting server ensures the best quality Colony Survival server with minimal to no downtime to keep players playing at any time of the day!

How to Connect to a Colony Survival Server
 Log in to the BisectHosting Games panel.

2. Stop the server.

3. Go to the Startup tab.

4. Change the Server Name to name the server.

5. Start the server.

6. Open Colony Survival. 

7. Choose Multiplayer.

8. Find the server's name in step 4 and click Join.

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