How to add mods to an Unturned server

Unturned provides an open-world survival experience that can feel very challenging and rewarding. The game has many features and is very moddable, allowing users to make custom content for the game that enhances the experience. When installing mods for Unturned, players can look forward to playing with new items or vehicles and exploring new custom maps made by the community.

How to Add Mods to an Unturned Server
1. Find the Mod Id in the steam URL. 

2. Log in to the BisectHosting Games panel.

3. Stop the server.

4. Go to the Files tab.

5. Find the following directory: /home/containter/Servers/Default and open the WorkshopDownloadConfig.json

6. Within the brackets following "File_IDs" enter the mod ID on a new line. Separate each new Mod ID with a new line and comma.

7. Click the Save Content button.

8. Start the server. 

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