How to connect to an Unturned server

Unturned is a popular survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players must scavenge for resources from the ruins of cities to military bases or airports. Players can also find various vehicles spread throughout the world, ranging from bicycles to helicopters. There are many different adventures and areas to explore in Unturned, with each map providing a different fresh experience.

How to Connect to an Unturned Server
1. Log in to the BisectHosting Games panel.

2. Copy the IP and Port on the Home tab.

3. From the Unturned main menu, choose the Play button.

4. Select the Connect button.

5. Paste in the IP (numbers before the colon from step 2) in the IP section.

6. Paste in the Port (numbers after the colon from step 2) in the Port section.

7. Enter a password if the server has one. 

8. Choose Connect.

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