How to add a behavior pack on a Minecraft Bedrock server

Behavior packs on a Minecraft Bedrock server can enhance the gameplay experience by adding new features, modifying existing ones, or changing the behavior of mobs and items. Behavior packs can be found on various websites and platforms, such as the official Minecraft Marketplace, community forums, or third-party modding websites. Installing behavior packs is a straightforward process that will be covered step-by-step in this guide.

Note An FTP client is required to transfer files onto the Minecraft Bedrock server. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use an FTP client.

How to Add a Behavior Pack on a Minecraft Bedrock Server
1. Download and extract a behavior pack. If the behavior pack is a .mcpack file, rename the file extension to .zip and extract the file.

2. Right-click the manifest.json file within the behavior pack folder and choose Open with> Notepad.

Note Some behavior packs may be split into B (Behavior) and R (Resource) folders. See this guide for the resource pack folder.

3. Minimize the folder to use later in the tutorial.

4. Log in to the BisectHosting Games panel.

5. Stop the server.

6. Log in to the Minecraft Bedrock server using an FTP client

7. Open the behavior_packs folder. 

8. Drag and drop the extracted behavior pack folder from step 3.

9. Go to the Files tab.

10. Find the following directory: /home/container/worlds/[World Name] .

Note The world name will depend on the current save.

11. Select Create and choose Create File.

12. Paste the following:
        "pack_id" : "Paste uuid from manifest.json here"
        "version" : [ 0, 0, 0 ]

13. Replace the pack_id values with the uuid from the manifest.json file in step 2.

14. Replace the version values with the version numbers from the manifest.json file in step 2.

15. Select Create File on the lower right.

16. Name the file world_behavior_packs.json and click Create File.

17. Start the server.

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