How to give yourself SuperUser permissions on Mumble

This tutorial will take you through setting the superuser password for your Mumble server.

Step 1: Login into the TCAdmin panel using the details that were emailed to you when ordering

Step 2: Click Commandline Manager

Step 3: Click New

Step 4: Enter SuperUser Set for the description and click the checkbox next to SuperUser password, then enter the password you want for the superuser access in the textbox next to this. This is what you should end up with:

Step 5: Click  and then click Select on the commandline you just created.

Step 6: Restart your server by clicking the restart button on the main server view.

Step 7: Wait a few seconds for the server to restart, your server will not be connectable whilst this commandline is set

Step 8: Go back to the commandline manager page and click Edit on the commandline you created, then click 

Step 9: Restart your server again and your superuser password should then be set.

If you have any questions or issues regarding this, let us know by creating a support ticket.

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