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The Benefits of Owning a Server

Posted on by amber
Year after year, the population of those playing videogames continues to grow, but as surveys would show, they are hardly as fun when playing alone! Today we explore the benefits of owning a server of your very own and why it’s the best way to play multiplayer with friends or loved ones far from home.

A Customizable Experience You Control

Unity’s 2022 Multiplayer report found an astounding 77% of those who enjoy videogames play multiplayer in some form, but their preferences varied greatly and were all across the board. With a server, that problem is solved by making every choice yours. Choose which game to have running, adjust the settings and rules until they are just right, and mod away, creating the perfect version of the game your friend group plays. Your server, your way!

Player Accountability and Server Reliability

Two of the top concerns for gamers during 2022 were lag and cheaters. So why not do away with both? Dedicated game servers offer the smoothest and most reliable gaming experience one can find, all while providing the custom tools needed to ban pesky cheaters on the fly.

Creating Communities Across the Globe

One of the greatest things a server can achieve is bringing together a new community. And with the control a server provides, these can be everything from safe spaces for like-minded individuals to public communities where players from around the world can make new friends for life.

Education and Learning on the Go

Servers don’t need to be restricted to leisure! Schools and libraries around the globe are incorporating games such as Minecraft into learning opportunities to help children socialize and grow. On a smaller scale, families can do the same on servers of their very own, complete with personalized security and parental controls.

Valuable Skills for Down the Road

And with all these amazing benefits, the last is for you. Server owners find themselves in a unique position to learn valuable skills that will be carried long past when the server shuts down. Managing, networking, and even coding to name just a few! And in rarer incidents, servers may even begin to turn a profit too.

The Benefits of Owning a Server

There are countless unique ways a server can be used, but we did our best to narrow it down to only a few. However, if we could add one more benefit to our list, it would be friends and family always know the perfect place to play. Your very own server, never more than a few clicks away. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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