How to enable and manage your Minecraft server whitelist

How to enable/disable whitelist:
1. Log in to your BisectHosting control panel.

2. Select File Manager.

3. Locate the file label then click Edit.

Locate white-list and which it to true or false (enabled or disabled).

5. Click Save and close.

6. Restart your server.

How to add a player to the whitelist:
1. Run the following command:
      In-game: /whitelist add <playername> (ex: /whitelist add Steve).
      Console: whitelist add <playername> (ex: whitelist add Steve).

How to remove a player to the whitelist:
1. Run the following command:
      In-game: /whitelist remove <playername> (ex: /whitelist remove Steve)

      Console: whitelist remove <playername> (ex: whitelist remove Steve)

Note: You can additionally run /whitelist list to view the full list of whitelisted players.

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