How to setup a VNC server (GUI) on Ubuntu

Setting up a VNC server with a graphical user interface (GUI) on Ubuntu streamlines remote server management. It facilitates user-friendly interactions, especially for those less familiar with command-line operations. With a VNC server, users can remotely connect to the Ubuntu server and perform tasks via a visual interface, simplifying activities like file management, software installations, and configurations. Adding a GUI proves particularly beneficial for applications relying on graphical elements or intricate settings.

A VNC client such as RealVNC is required.

The VPS 2GB package or higher is required as a VNC requires more RAM and storage.

How to Setup a VNC Server (GUI) on Ubuntu
1. Log in to the VPS server using an SSH client.

2. Run the following commands to install the prerequisites:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install xfce4 xfce4-goodies
sudo apt install tightvncserver

When prompted, input Y and press Enter.

4. When prompted, press OK to restart.

5. Run the following command to set up a VNC password: vncserver

6. Input a password with a minimum of 6 characters. For security reasons, the password will not show up when typing.

7. When prompted to enter a view-only password, input N for now.

Note Run the following command to change the password or add a view-only password: vncpasswd

8. Launch the VNC client.

9. On the address bar, input the VPS IP address, port 5901, and press Enter. (Ex.

10. When prompted that the connection is not encrypted, click Continue.

11. Enter the password created from step 6 and press OK.

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