How to access your Multicraft panel

Accessing and managing your server is very easy using the Multicraft panel.

1. There are three main Multicraft panels:
Premium - For our Premium Minecraft servers.
Budget - For our Budget Minecraft servers.
MCPE - For our MCPE servers.

You can find links to all of the different Multicraft panels at the top of our website by clicking on where it says Control Panels.

2. After you navigate to the panel you need click where it says Login.

3. Enter your username and password, and click the Login button.

Please note that this username and password are different from your billing panel login. Your Multicraft username and password are sent to you when you purchase a server. The subject of the email with this info is as follows:
Premium servers: “Your BisectHosting Premium Minecraft Server Information”
Budget servers: “Your BisectHosting Budget Minecraft Server Information”
MCPE servers: “Your BisectHosting MC:PE Server Information”

If you are unable to find this email, you can also see copies of all emails sent to you in the billing panel by following steps below:
1. Log into the billing panel here
2. At the top right-hand corner click 'Hello, <your name>!' then 'Emails Sent.'
3. Then click View Message next to the email you want to see a copy of.
4. Once you are in the Multicraft panel you will see your services with us and will be able to perform many actions using the panel.

If any information you see here is outdated please let us know by creating a support ticket. Thank you.
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