How to enable cheats on Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, a survival horror game, cheat commands can be utilized on certain servers to gain advantages or alter gameplay. Players with access to cheat commands can potentially spawn items, unlock abilities, manipulate the environment, or even become invincible. These cheat commands affect the gameplay experience of a player and are usually only used to alter the environment to accommodate the specific needs of players on the server.

Note Enabling cheats for a player automatically gives them a "Trusted" or higher trust level.

How to Enable Cheats on Sons of the Forest
1. Open Sons of the Forest.

2. Enter the following while in-game: cheatstick .

3. Press the F1 key on the keyboard to open the console.

Common List of Cheat Commands

Command Description
godmode [on/off] Turns the player invulnerable
buffstats Refills hunger, thirst, and stamina
regenhealth Refills the player's health
speedyrun [on/off] Increases the player's sprint speed
save Saves the game
showhud [on/off] Switching the hud on or off
cavelight [on/off] Creates a light around you
spawnitem [itemid] [#] Spawns a specific number of items
addallitems Adds a full stack of all items in your inventory

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