How to submit Minecraft logs

Players can submit their Minecraft logs to provide BisectHosting support with a clear picture of the problem. These logs contain valuable information about the game's performance, errors, and relevant data, allowing the support team to analyze and diagnose the issue more effectively. By sharing the Minecraft logs with BisectHosting support, players enable the support team to understand the specific details of the problem and provide accurate guidance or troubleshooting steps.

Note Prepare the Minecraft client log file to attach to the ticket.
Learn how to find Minecraft client logs here.

How to Submit Minecraft Logs

1. Log in to the BisectHosting Client panel.

2. Click on the Support tab and select Open Ticket.

3. Choose Service Support.

4. Fill in the form.

5. Under Attachments, click Browse.

6. Select the Minecraft client log file named latest.txt.

7. Choose the blue Submit button.

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