How to View Model Engine entities on a Minecraft Server

Once Model Engines is installed on a Minecraft server and the .bbmodel files are added to the blueprints folder, showing the models in-game requires a resource pack. Model Engines also works hand-in-hand with plugins like MythicMobs to bring unique mobs to life with animations, drops, and many more properties!

Note OP permissions are required to run most Model Engine commands.

How to View Model Engine entities on a Minecraft Server
1. Connect to the server.

2. Press escape and open the Options menu.

3. Select Resource Packs.

4. Click Open Pack Folder.

5. Place the folder from /plugins/ModelEngine on the server into the Pack Folder.

6. Close the folder and move the pack from Available to Selected

7. Press F3 + T to refresh the resource pack.

8. Type /meg summon [model] to summon the models from Model Engines.

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