How to add a resource pack to a Minecraft server

Adding a resource pack to a Minecraft server can enhance the visual experience for players and make the game more immersive. Resource packs are collections of textures, sounds, and other visual elements to change the game's appearance. When a player connects to a server with a resource pack enabled, the pack will automatically download and apply to the player's game. 

How to Add a Resource Pack to a Minecraft Server
1. Upload the resource pack on Dropbox. Copy the direct download link (must end in "d1=1")

2. Confirm that the direct download link ends in "dl=1". If not, change it now.

Log in to the BisectHosting Premium or Budget panel.

4. Stop the server.

5. Choose Server Properties.

6. Paste the direct download link next to Resource Pack.

To require the resource pack to be downloaded to join the server, change require-resource-pack to true.

Click Save and close.

9. Start your server.

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