How to create a custom modpack on the Modrinth launcher

The Modrinth Launcher allows users to create and share custom modpacks in Minecraft, offering a personalized and tailored gaming experience. Users can assemble specific combinations of mods to suit their preferences, enabling unique themes, challenges, and gameplay enhancements. This feature enhances the versatility of the Modrinth Launcher, empowering players to craft and share their vision of the perfect Minecraft modpack.

How to Create a Custom Modpack on the Modrinth Launcher
1. From the Modrinth launcher, click the Create profile icon.

2. Choose the Custom option.

3. Input the desired modpack name. Optionally, upload an icon.

4. Under Loaderselect the desired mod loader.

5. Under Game versionchoose the desired Minecraft version from the dropdown.

6. Press the Create button.

7. Wait for the installation to finish.

8. Go to the Library tab.

9. Right-click the custom modpack and choose View Instance.

10. From the Content option, click Add content.

11. Select the desired mods and press Install.

12. Once finished, return to the custom modpack and click Play.

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