RCON Commands for Conan Exiles

RCON for Conan Exiles servers is done through the rcon-cli app. This function is already set up on our Conan servers and is easily accessible through the console tab on the games panel. This also means that utilizing RCON does not require a specific password as long as it is accessed through the server console. This function of RCON is relatively unique to our Conan Exiles servers, as users may typically require a third-party client or tool, making this method significantly more accessible.

RCON Commands for Conan Exiles
 Log in to the BisectHosting Games panel.

2. Start the server.

3. Go to the Console tab.

4. Send any text or command to start the remote connection.

5. After RCON is finished connecting, send any command listed with help , or any listed below.

Command Description
whitelistplayer [userid|platformid] Whitelists a player based on userid or platformid .
validateallbuildings Validates all placed building files.
unwhitelistplayer [userid|platformid] Removes a player's ID from the server whitelist.
unbanplayer [userid|platformid] Removes a player from the server ban list.
sql [query] Attempts to send an SQL query.
shutdown Shut down the server.
SetServerSetting <Setting Name> [Setting Value] Sets a listed server setting to a value within the settings range.
restart Restart the server.
netprofile [enable|disable] Turns netprofiles on or off on the server.
listplayers Lists all active players on the server.
listbans Lists all player or platform IDs currently on the ban list.
kickplayer [index|name|userid|platformid|player] [identification] [message] Kicks a player by any available identifiers with the given reason.
help "Command". Lists all available RCON commands.
GetServerSetting [Setting Name] Displays the current value of the desired server setting.
getlandowner [x] [y] Displays the land owner at the designated coordinates.
buildingquery [list|destroy] [owner id] [filters] Displays current buildings or destroys all buildings for the designated owner ID.
buildingdestroy [building ids] Destroys all buildings assigned to the designated building ID.
buildingcontribution [building id] Shows the building contribution of the designated building ID.
broadcast [message] Broadcasts a message to the entire server.
banplayer [index|name|userid|platformid|player] [identification] [message] Adds a player to the ban list with any available identifiers. The given reason will be displayed to the banned player.

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