How to add cabins on a Stardew Valley server

Adding cabins to a Stardew Valley server introduces multiplayer functionality, allowing players to invite friends to join their farm and work together. Each cabin represents a separate player character, enabling cooperative farming, mining, fishing, and other activities. Adding cabins enhances the game's social aspect, as players can collaborate, communicate, and share the responsibilities and rewards of managing the farm.

Note Admin permission is required. Learn how to add admins here

Note Adding more cabins past the max players limit will override it.

How to Add Cabins on a Stardew Valley Server 
1. Join the Stardew Valley server.

2. Find a clear spot to add the cabin. The placement will depend on where the player is looking.

3. Run one of the following commands in chat:

!cabin - chooses a random style.
!cabin plank - creates a plank cabin.
!cabin log - creates a log cabin.
!cabin stone - creates a stone cabin.

How to Destroy Cabins on a Stardew Valley Server 
1. Launch Stardew Valley and Connect to the server.

Note Deleting a cabin will also delete the player, make any backups locally before deleting.

2. Locate the building to destroy and stand next to it.

3. Open the chat window by pressing Y, and enter the following command: !destroybuilding .

4. The server bot will confirm that the building is fully removed.

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