How to create a custom scheduled task in Multicraft

BisectHosting utilizes a user friendly control panel called Multicraft that efficiently manages and controls Minecraft servers, providing a web-based interface for server administration. Users running a Minecraft server through the BisectHosting premium or budget panel can automate specific tasks to keep the server running smoothly. In addition to setting custom automated schedules, users can add custom commands, allowing greater customization and control of your server.

How to Create a Custom Command
1. Log in to the BisectHosting Premium or Budget panel.

2. Open the Commands menu.

Note If the desired command is already in the Commands menu, skip to 'How to Create a Scheduled Task.'

3. Press the New Command button.

4. Enter a Name for the command.

5. In the Run section, input the command to use.

6. Press the Create button.

How to Create a Scheduled Task
1. Open the Scheduled Tasks menu.

2. Press the New Scheduled Task button.

3. Set the Scheduled Time and Interval.

4. Click the Command dropdown and select the command to run.

5. Press the Create button; the command will run on the specified schedule.

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