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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Spouse Tier List: Which NPC Should You Marry?

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 8 minutes)
The 2D pixel art farming and life simulator Stardew Valley lets players choose from 12 NPCs to marry. Each potential spouse in Stardew Valley has unique pros and cons before and after marriage as players increase their friendship levels and progress their storylines. With that, we'll take on the controversial task of ranking the best NPCs to marry in Stardew Valley.

Ranking the Best Spouses in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Spouse List Before we get started, do note that this list is entirely subjective, and one thing Stardew Valley does exceptionally well is that all marriable NPCs do have different effects on your journies. Whether it's where they stay, what they enjoy, how they act, what they experience, or the gifts they give, your choice here matters and your preferences do too. Now that we've all put down the pitchforks...let's get started.

12. Shane

Going through Shane’s story as you play through Stardew Valley may give you a warm feeling in your chest. He’s a struggling alcoholic living with depression. But improving his friendship level can lessen his alcoholic tendencies and depressive sessions. However, Shane brings little to the table even after marriage. The room he builds in the farmhouse is always messy. Plus, his gifts as a spouse leave much to be desired. Note: Shane and Emily are the only NPCs not part of the initial batch of marriage candidates when Stardew Valley launched.

11. Haley

Haley starts as a rude woman who prioritizes looks over personality. But her frank personality covers a deep, heart-warming soul underneath. Increasing her friendship level will unravel this underlying demeanor over time. Although Haley’s personality improves when you get married, the gifts she gives you as your partner aren’t ground-breaking. Most of her presents are food you can cook easily.

10. Penny

Penny might come as a surprise to be one of the worst potential Stardew Valley partners, especially after considering her mild-mannered personality. She’s sweet, loving, and caring, and she teaches Jas and Vincent almost every day. But Penny ranks low in this list because of her difficult taste in gifts. The items she loves and likes are fairly challenging to acquire during the game’s early stages. However, persevere, and you can be rewarded with a kind, affectionate partner.

9. Alex

Alex, Stardew Valley’s resident jock, can be a meathead often. You’ll mostly find him discussing sports and doing physical activities. But beneath his muscly and sturdy exterior is a soft-hearted villager and son. Still, Alex has a one-note personality, which might be a major drawback for some players as a spouse in Stardew Valley. Additionally, his gifts aren’t particularly special, except for some treats he can give on rainy days.

8. Sebastian

If you’re into edgy, moody characters, Sebastian might be your best match. He’s picky and often evades social interactions with other townsfolk, including you. Still, Sebastian’s character improves as you increase his friendship level. However, this character development isn’t significant and won’t greatly improve after marriage.

7. Sam

Sam is a carefree youth with a heart of gold. He’s also one of the easier NPCs to please, making it fairly effortless to increase his friendship level. One particular gift he likes is Joja Cola, which you can even find rummaging through another person’s trash can. Still, Sam’s main drawback is his inability to cook. That means that his gifts as a spouse mostly aren’t cooking-related, except for Pizza and Pancakes. He does give you Geodes and Earth Crystals, but these minerals are still relatively common throughout Stardew Valley.

6. Elliott

Elliott is a man of the arts and prides himself on being an excellent writer. Elliott might be your preferred in-game partner if you’re into being romanced by an NPC who knows his way with words. However, Elliott’s presents and personality after marriage may not be for every Stardew Player. Most of his gifts consist of coffee and seafood meals, which aren’t bad but are not the best. Also, his sensitive personality may lean towards the overly dramatic during certain moments.

5. Harvey

Harvey is the town’s doctor and finds satisfaction in keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. He also cares for the townsfolk, as you’ll sometimes see him giving private care to some NPCs. At first, Harvey can be a killjoy because he fears starting new things. But befriending him and increasing his friendship level allows him to slowly rid himself of those doubts and worries. Once married, Harvey also gives decent gifts like a Complete Breakfast and Fried Eel. Although not the best presents, they’re still better than what other NPCs can give you.

4. Maru

Maru is a friendly and cheery tinkerer who initially lives with her parents. She loves science and technology-related things, so finding good presents for her isn’t challenging. Make Maru your Stardew Valley spouse, and she’ll often give you rare materials for various situations. She can also cook dishes like Crab Cakes and Fried Mushroom, making her one of the best partners to have in Stardew Valley.

3. Emily

Some Stardew Valley players may initially find Emily’s eccentric personality quite alarming. But her colorful demeanor means she has little to hide and can be charming. Plus, Emily is easy to find since she works almost every day at the inn. Once married, Emily’s eccentricity means she gives presents ranging from artisan items like Wool to valuable minerals like Refined Quartz. She can also cook, and one of her best dishes is the Bean Hotpot.

2. Leah

Leah is the town’s artist and perhaps the easiest to romance out of all the NPCs in Stardew Valley you can marry. She has many likes, and she’ll even thank you for giving her driftwood. Additionally, going through Leah’s story as you befriend her may make you more engaged in the game than usual. As a marriage partner, she doesn’t offer much in the form of presents, but her personality fits with farm life almost perfectly.

1. Abigail

Abigail is one of the Stardew Valley community’s top-tier partners and with good reason. For starters, she’s a gamer, which many find immediately relatable. Also, she’s reasonably easy to romance, even from the beginning of the game. Abigail’s perks as a partner increase as you get married. Once she’s your Stardew Valley spouse, she can sometimes give rare items as gifts such as Solar and Void Essences. Her cheery personality also lights up your farm in any season.
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