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Stardew Valley Haley Gift Guide: Loves, Likes, Hates, & More

Posted on by justin
Haley in Stardew Valley is one of the game’s NPCs that players can marry. But some players might be put off by her personality, especially after listening to her early remarks of boredom and disgust. However, those who can convince her that there’s more to life than clothes, makeup, and money can turn Haley into a great friend or perhaps into something even more.

Haley: Chic Yet Choosy

Stardew Valley Haley Haley’s picky personality can make it challenging for new players (and some veterans) to befriend. It’s because of this demeanor that Haley’s list of disliked gifts is longer than other Stardew Valley NPCs. Haley’s disposition can be attributed to her growing up in a wealthy household. That’s why players will quickly notice her tendency to judge people immediately at first glance. It’s also not difficult to spot Haley walking around town since the clothes she usually wears aren’t typically fit for farm life. But players can usually find her at the Beach Resort on Ginger Island after unlocking this location.

Preferred Gifts

New Stardew Valley players might want to think twice when giving gifts to Haley. Because she has a fairly long list of disliked gifts, one wrong move can reduce your friendship level with her. Additionally, players can only give Haley up to two gifts per week. But you can also give her another present on her birthday in Spring 14. Also, like other Stardew Valley NPCs, Haley will react differently based on the present she receives:
  • Love: “Oh my god, this is my favorite thing!”
  • Like: “*gasp*...for me? Thank you!”
  • Neutral: “Thank you. I love presents.”
  • Dislike: “Ugh...that's such a stupid gift.”
  • Hate: “Gross!”

Loved Gifts

  • Coconut
  • Fruit Salad
  • Pink Cake
  • Sunflower

Liked Gifts

Neutral Gifts

  • All Universal Neutrals with no exceptions

Disliked Gifts

  • Chanterelle
  • Common Mushroom
  • Dandelion
  • Ginger
  • Hazelnut
  • Holly
  • Leek
  • Magma Cap
  • Morel
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Quartz
  • Snow Yam
  • Winter Root
  • All Eggs
  • All Milk
  • All Fruit except Coconut
  • All Vegetables except Hops, Wheat, and Tea Leaves

Hated Gifts

  • Clay
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Wild Horseradish
  • All Fish

Heart Events

Stardew Valley Haley Heart Event As a notable NPC in Stardew Valley, Haley has Heart Events that players can trigger. The requirement to activate these instances is to increase her friendship level. Then, you can trigger an event for every even-numbered friendship level, up to a maximum of 10 hearts. Note: As of version 1.4, there’s also a 14-heart event, but it’s only possible to view it by marrying Haley.

Two-Heart Event

Enter Haley’s home at 2 Willow Lane. A scene should trigger wherein she’s fighting with her sister, Emily. Over time, three options appear to help stop the conflict. But your answer can positively or negatively affect your relationship with Haley.
  • -50 friendship: "Stop whining and just clean it!"
  • +30 friendship: "Haley, why not have this be your one weekly job?"
  • -30 friendship: "Emily, take the high road and do it this time."

Four-Heart Event

Again, enter Haley’s home as long as she’s there. You should see a scene where she’s struggling to open a jar. She’ll then ask if you’re strong. Say, “Yes,” and you’ll increase your friendship points with her by 30. Refuse, and you get a 30-point reduction instead.

Six-Heart Event

Travel to the beach anytime between 10 am and 4 pm, as long as it’s not winter. Here, you should see Haley grieving over a lost bracelet. This time, you have two options to proceed with this scene:
  • -30 friendship: "Relax, I'll just buy you a new one!"
  • +50 friendship: "I'm really sorry..."
Tip: Find the bracelet in a shrub behind Elliot’s cabin. Give the item to Haley, and she’ll say she won’t forget the gesture.

Eight-Heart Event

Enter Cindersap Forest anytime between 10 am and 4 pm during any season except winter. Also, it must be a sunny day. You should see Haley taking photos at Marnie’s ranch. Allow the scene to play out normally. This time, this instance doesn’t give you selectable options.

Ten-Heart Event

Trigger this event by entering Haley’s house when she’s there. You should find Haley developing photos in a dark room. The game will then let you select from three choices:
  • +10 friendship: “It looks great!”
  • No effect: “What does it do?”
  • -50 friendship: “I’ve seen better.”
Regardless of your first choice, the scene will continue. Then, another set of options will appear. Selecting any of these choices won’t affect your friendship level with her. Note (SPOILER ALERT): Select the “Try to kiss her” option if you want Haley and your character to share a tender moment.
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