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Terraria Achievements Guide: Every Achievement on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

Posted on by justin
Are you an achievement hunter? A completionist has plenty to bite into when it comes to Terraria, a game with hundreds of achievements spread across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. But don't worry, we're here to help. Here we'll break down every one of the many Terraria achievements across PC (Steam), Xbox, and PlayStation.

Terraria Achievements Guide

Terraria Achievement Guide Note that Terraria’s achievements differ depending on the gaming system you’re using. Although Re-Logic’s game can be played on different video game platforms, only the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation versions have achievements.

All Terraria Achievements on PC (Steam)

Terraria Steam

The PC version of Terraria has a whopping 115 achievements. Most objectives to obtain these achievements are fairly straightforward and self-explanatory, but some require a bit of work along the way.
  • Timber: Chop down a tree
  • You Can Do It!: Survive your first full night
  • Ooo! Shiny!: Mine a nugget ore with a pickaxe
  • No Hobo: Build a house and allow one NPC to move into it
  • Matching Attire: Equip an armor set in all three armor slots
  • Stop! Hammer Time!: Obtain a hammer
  • I Am Loot: Find a golden chest underground and interact with it
  • Heart Breaker: Find and destroy a heart crystal underground
  • Star Power: Craft a Mana Crystal by combining 5x Fallen Stars, and consuming that item
  • Watch Your Step!: Get hit by an underground trap
  • Benched: Craft a workbench
  • Heavy Metal: Craft or buy an iron or lead anvil
  • Head in the Clouds: Equip a pair of wings
  • Bloodbath: Survive a blood moon
  • Like a Boss: Obtain a boss-summoning item
  • Eye on You: Beat the Eye of Cthulhu
  • Hold on Tight!: Equip a grappling hook
  • Smashing, Poppet!: Use an explosive or hammer to destroy a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart
  • It’s Getting Hot in Here: Reach the molten underworld biome
  • Pretty in Pink: Kill Pinky, the rare pink slime
  • Fashion Statement: Equip armor or clothing in the three vanity social slots
  • Jeepers Creepers: Find a spider cavern underground
  • Throwing Lines: Use a yoyo
  • Vehicular Manslaughter: Kill an enemy by running it over with a mine cart
  • Goblin Punter: Complete a goblin invasion successfully
  • Marathon Medalist: Travel 26.2 miles on foot
  • Boned: Beat Skeletron
  • Slippery Shinobi: Beat King Slime
  • Into Orbit: Travel to the space layer
  • The Cavalry: Equip a mount item
  • Lucky Break: Survive a long fall barely
  • Where’s My Honey?: Discover a large bee’s hive in the Jungle biome
  • Dungeon Heist: Steal a key from one of the dungeon’s undead enemies, then unlock a golden chest with it
  • Bulldozer: Destroy 10,000 tiles
  • Still Hungry: Beat the Wall of Flesh
  • Sting Operation: Beat the Queen Bee
  • It’s Hard!: Trigger the Hallow biome by removing the Crimson or Corruption
  • Hey! Listen!: Encounter a fairy
  • Begone, Evil!: Destroy a Crimson or Demon Altar with the Pwnhammer
  • Sticky Situation: Survive the Slime Rain event
  • Til Death…: Kill the Groom that spawns on the surface during a Blood Moon
  • Worm Fodder: Beat the Eater of Worlds
  • Extra Shiny!: Mine a powerful ore in Hardmode after breaking a Crimson or Demon Altar
  • Mastermind: Beat the Brain of Cthulhu
  • Deceiver of Fools: Kill a Nymph, a rare monster spawning in the Cavern layer
  • There are Some Who Call Him…: Kill Tim, a rare enemy in the lower Cavern layer
  • Quiet Neighborhood: Place many tombstones in an area and enter the location
  • Get a Life: Consume a Life Fruit
  • Walk the Plank: Complete the Pirate Invasion successfully
  • Robbing the Grave: Pick up a rare weapon from any powerful monster in the Dungeon after defeating Plantera
  • Completely Awesome: Obtain a Minishark
  • Bucket of Bolts: Beat the three Mechanical bosses in Hardmode
  • Kill the Sun: Survive a Solar Eclipse event
  • The Great Southern Plantkill: Beat Plantera
  • Photosynthesis: Mine a Chlorophyte
  • Lihzahrdian Idol: Beat the Golem
  • Funkytown: Encounter a glowing mushroom on the surface layer
  • Topped Off: Achieve maximum health and mana without accessories or buffs
  • Miner for Fire: Craft a Molten Pickaxe
  • The Frequent Flyer: Spend over 1 gold from the Nurse NPC’s treatment
  • Obsessive Devotion: Beat the Ancient Cultist
  • Temple Raider: Gain access to the Jungle Temple
  • Rock Bottom: Touch the bottom-most part of the map
  • Sword of the Hero: Obtain a Terra Blade
  • Tin-Foil Hatter: Complete a Martian Invasion successfully
  • Champion of Terraria: Beat the Moon Lord
  • Star Destroyer: Beat the four Celestial Towers
  • Feeling Petty: Pet a town pet
  • Heliophobia: Stand next to a Gnome until it becomes aggressive, then lead it to sunlight to petrify it
  • Drax Attax: Craft a Drax
  • Jolly Jamboree: Buy the Party Center item from the Party Girl NPC and use it
  • Fish Out of Water: Beat Duke Fishron
  • Big Booty: Obtain a rare key from an enemy and open a Biome Chest with it
  • Sick Throw: Obtain the Terrarian
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales: Die within 10 seconds of opening a chest
  • Servant-in-Training: Complete your first quest from the Angler NPC
  • It Can Talk?!: Build a house in the Mushroom biome and have the Truffle NPC move into it
  • Archaeologist: Kill Doctor Bones, a rare zombie variant in the Jungle or Underground Jungle biomes at night
  • Slayer of Worlds: Defeat all of Terraria’s bosses
  • Baleful Harvest: Reach Wave 15 of the Pumpkin Moon event
  • Dye Hard: Place dyes in every possible dye slot
  • Just Desserts: Beat the Queen Slime
  • Gelatin World Tour: Beat every type of slime in Terraria
  • Leading Landlord: Achieve maximum happiness with one townsfolk and interact with that NPC
  • Infinity +1 Sword: Obtain the Zenith
  • Do You Want to Slay a Snowman?: Complete the Frost Moon event successfully
  • Real Estate Agent: Have all NPCs move into their respective houses
  • Boots of the Hero: Obtain the Terraspark Boots
  • Mecha Mayhem: Battle the three Mechanical bosses simultaneously and win
  • Glorious Golden Pole: Obtain the Golden Fishing Rod
  • You and What Army?: Summon nine minions and have them present simultaneously
  • Ice Scream: Reach Wave 15 of the Frost Moon event
  • A Rather Blustery Day: Fly a kite on a windy day
  • Prismancer: Obtain a Rainbow Rod
  • Good Little Slave: Complete the 10th quest from the Angler NPC
  • Fae Flayer: Beat the Empress of Light
  • Not the Bees!: Fire a Bee Gun while wearing the full Bee Armor set
  • Hero of Etheria: Defeat Betsy from the Old One’s Army event
  • Trout Monkey: Complete the 25th quest from the Angler NPC
  • A Shimmer In The Dark: Use the Shimmer
  • Rainbows and Unicorns: Fire a Rainbow Gun while riding on a Unicorn mount
  • Don't Dread on Me: Beat the Dreadnautilus
  • Hot Reels!: Try fishing from a lava pool
  • Ankhumulation Complete: Obtain the Ankh Shield
  • Fast and Fishious: Complete the 50th quest from the Angler NPC
  • An Eye For An Eye: Beat Deerclops
  • A Rare Realm: Generate a world using a secret seed, like “Drunk World” and “For the worthy,” and enter it
  • Black Mirror: Obtain the Cell Phone
  • Torch God: Summon the God of Torches and survive
  • To Infinity... and Beyond!: Mount a Kwad Racer and fly to the Space layer
  • Feast of Midas: Obtain the Golden Delight item
  • Supreme Helper Minion!: Complete 200 quests from the Angler NPC
  • The Great Slime Mitosis: Have all slime pets move into town
  • Unusual Survival Strategies: Drink water while drowning
  • And Good Riddance!: Satisfy the Dryad NPC by purifying the Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow from the world

All Terraria Achievements on Xbox

Terraria Xbox The Xbox version of Terraria has 39 achievements, and some of these trophies aren’t in the title’s Steam version.
  • Terraria Student: Begin the tutorial
  • Terraria Expert: Complete the tutorial
  • Home Sweet Home: Let the guide move into a house
  • All in the Family: All NPCs moved into their respective houses
  • Rock Bottom: Reach the bottom-most part of the world
  • Exterminator: Beat all of Terraria’s bosses
  • Slimer: Kill every type of slime
  • Challenge Accepted: Unlock Hardmode
  • Maxed Out: Achieve the maximum health and mana
  • Corruptible: Select Corruption from the world creation screen and enter that world
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name: Transform the Crimson or Corruption into the Hallow biome
  • Opthalmologist: Beat The Twins
  • Bona Fide: Beat Skeletron Prime
  • Ride the Worm: Beat The Destroyer
  • Marathon Runner: Travel at least 42km on foot
  • Landscaper: Remove over 10,000 blocks
  • Crowd Control: Complete the Goblin Army invasion successfully
  • Survivor: Survive the first night
  • Icraus: Reach the top of the world
  • Vanity of Vanities: Equip armor or clothing in all vanity social slots
  • Pet Hoarder: Find all pets
  • Be Prepared: Have at least 5 timed buffs active simultaneously
  • Airtime!: Have your feet off the ground for a cumulative 60 minutes
  • Blacksmith: Craft 300 items from an anvil
  • I’m Smelting: Smelt 10,000 bars of metal
  • A Knight in Shining Armors: Obtain every armor piece in the game
  • Engineer: Place 100 wires
  • Red Moon Rises: Survive a Blood Moon
  • Crafty: Use every crafting station
  • To Hell and Back: Reach The Underworld and return to the surface without dying

All Terraria Trophies on PlayStation

Terraria PlayStation Like the Xbox version of the game, Terraria has 39 achievements for its PlayStation variant. But some trophy titles and descriptions on the PlayStation version differ from their Xbox and PC counterparts.
  • Completionist!: Obtain all trophies
  • Terraria Student: Ask the Guide NPC for all help
  • No Hobo: Build a house and have an NPC move into it
  • Real Estate Agent: Have all possible town NPCs living in your world
  • Rock Bottom: Reach the bottom-most part of the map
  • Slayer of Worlds: Defeat all bosses in Terraria
  • Gelatin World Tour: Defeat every type of slime
  • It's Hard!: Unlock Hardmode
  • Topped Off: Achieve the maximum health and mana possible without accessories or buffs
  • Corruptible: Make your world Corrupted
  • In The Hallow: Transform the Crimson or Corruption into the Hallow biome
  • Double Vision: Beat The Twins
  • Prime Directive: Beat Skeletron Prime
  • Walk Without Rhythm: Beat The Destroyer
  • Marathon Medalist: Travel 26.2 miles on foot
  • Bulldozer: Destroy 10,000 tiles
  • Goblin Punter: Complete a Goblin Army invasion successfully
  • You Can Do It!: Survive the first night
  • Into Orbit: Reach the Space layer
  • Fashion Statement: Equip armor or clothing into every vanity social slot
  • Pet Collector: Find all pets
  • Be Prepared: Have 5 buffs active simultaneously
  • Head in the Clouds: Equip a pair of wings
  • Blacksmith: Craft 300 items at an anvil
  • I'm Smelting!: Smelt 10,000 metal bars
  • Armory: Collect all armor sets
  • Wired Up: Place 100 wires
  • Bloodbath: Survive a Blood Moon
  • Crafty: Use all crafting stations
  • To Hell and Back: Reach The Underworld biome and return to the surface without dying
  • Mecha Mayhem: Battle against the three Mechanical bosses simultaneously and win
  • Is This Heaven?: Find a floating island
  • Leap of Faith: Perform a triple jump with the help of accessories
  • Lucky Break: Survive a long fall barely
  • It's Getting Hot in Here: Reach The Underworld biome
  • Running Man: Run 60 seconds without stopping
  • Appease the Volcano Gods: Throw the Voodoo Doll into lava while the Guide NPC is alive
  • Homicidal: Kill the Guide by throwing the Voodoo Doll into lava
  • Terraria Expert: Complete all quests from the Guide NPC
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