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Terraria Queen Slime Boss Guide: How to Summon, All Attacks, & Loot Table

Posted on by justin
King Slime is perhaps your first boss encounter in pre-Hardmode. Its Hardmode counterpart, Queen Slime, might also be your first boss fight when you enter this new difficulty setting after defeating the Wall of Flesh. So, continue reading to learn how to summon and beat Queen Slime in Terraria.

How To Summon Queen Slime in Terraria

Terraria Queen Slime Summoning the Queen Slime requires a player to use the Gelatin Crystal item in the Hallow biome. You can get this item by breaking the Pearlstone or Pink Ice Blocks in the Underground Hallow. Unlike other bosses, the Queen Slime can be summoned at any time of the day, as long as the player using the Gelatin Crystal is in the Hallow biome. Once used, the boss will appear at the player’s location in a few seconds. Another way to acquire the summoning item for Queen Slime is by modding Terraria. Certain mods spawn NPCs that sell boss-summoning items, so you don’t have to frequently return to the Hallow to farm Gelatin Crystals.

How To Beat Queen Slime (All Attacks and Phases)

Terraria Defeat Queen Slime Queen Slime’s attacks are similar to King Slime, albeit with different appearances and more ferocity. Plus, the boss’ attacks can deal massive damage to unprepared players. If you’re not confident about your in-game dodging skills, you can create an arena with multiple campfires. That way, you can increase your character’s natural health regen. Increase your character’s health regeneration further by wearing the Palladium armor, along with accessories that improve this trait. Alternatively, you can wait until you’re later parts of the game so your character can equip one of the best armor sets. Additionally, you can stay airborne with a pair of wings during the first phase of the battle. In this stage, Queen Slime’s attacks will have difficulty reaching you, increasing your survivability. However, maintain vigilance because the queen won’t take this taunting lightly, as it’ll also sprout wings when it enters its second phase. Note that relatively any weapon that can deal decent damage to this boss will be sufficient for this fight. Still, it’s wise to bring healing potions if the health regeneration can’t keep up or you take too many hits.
Like King Slime, Queen Slime typically jumps around the battlefield. This boss does this move, attempting to stomp and hurt you. However, these jumping and stomping behaviors are faster than the pre-Hardmode variant. Queen Slime also summons minions, albeit these minions are different from those summoned by King Slime. This Hardmode boss can summon the following special enemies to the fight:
  • Bouncy Slimes: Fires shots that bounce off of surfaces to the player’s direction
  • Crystal Slimes: Fires several crystal projectiles upward
  • Heavenly Slimes: Winged slimes that fly and charge in the player’s direction
This boss also has another attack that King Slime doesn’t have. This new attack will occur when Queen Slime quickly jumps around a few times, then becomes stationary. Then, she fires six Regal Gels, which may happen several times in one attacking session. After chipping away this boss’ health to below 50%, it enters its second phase. This time, Queen Slime grows wings, and her behavior changes completely. During this fight’s second phase, the boss will do one of the following attacks:
  • Fires Regal Gels in ten directions rapidly
  • Flies and attempts to stomp the player
  • Sparkle Slime Balloon
  • Crystal Assassin Hood
  • Crystal Assassin Shirt
  • Crystal Assassin Pants
  • Blade Staff
  • Gelatinous Pillion
  • Hook of Dissonance
  • Queen Slime Mask
  • Queen Slime Trophy
  • Greater Healing Potion
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