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Terraria Melee Build Guide: Best Weapons, Armors, Accessories & more

Posted on by justin
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In Terraria, the melee build draws many different players as one of the game's most popular classes to play. After all, there’s something satisfying about going right after enemies as you dish out damage to them. With that, here's our guide on the best melee build options in Terraria, including the best armors, weapons, and accessories you'll want to have when getting up close and personal.

The Terraria Melee Class: An Overview

Terraria Melee Build Guide The Melee build is arguably the best class in Terraria as one that sports very strong damage and defensive capabilities. With the right setup, it can also have decent crowd-control capabilities to round things out. The main drawback of the melee class is that you often need to be very close to enemies to deal significant damage, which puts you at risk, and puts your mechanical knowledge to the test, as you must react to damage much faster than your ranged counterparts. One of the advantages of choosing the Melee build in Terraria is the vast options you have for armor, weapons, and accessories. This means that no one is locked into a specific setup, so players can choose from among many different playstyles and approaches.

Best Armors for Melee Builds in Terraria

Terraria Melee Best Armor Terraria has a vast array of different armor sets that players will wear as they progress through the game's stages, but only some pieces of armor in the game can benefit a Melee character greatly. In this section, you’ll learn some armor sets that can help you get through most, if not all, of Terraria’s enemies.

Gold Armor

Terraria Gold Armor At the beginning of the game, players that wish to pursue the Melee build may start with the Wood armor set. But enemies will soon pierce through this armor quickly, particularly as the player digs deep within Terraria’s underground biomes. It’s ideal for players to set one of their goals to gather the necessary materials to craft the Gold Armor as soon as possible. This armor set has three pieces: the Gold Helmet, Gold Chainmail, and Gold Greaves. Additionally, players can drop the Gold Helmet in Shimmer to transform it into the Ancient Gold Helmet. But the only thing that’ll change is the appearance of the helmet. Wearing the entire Gold Armor set will grant the user a +16 defense. It’s important to mention that this armor set doesn’t grant the character special effects. Players must also gather 90x Gold Bars by crafting 360x Gold Ore to create all the pieces of this armor set. DON'T MISS IT: How To Get Tech Armor In Sons Of The Forest

Platinum Armor

Terraria Platinum Armor A slightly better armor set than the Gold Armor is the Platinum Armor. It also has three components: the Platinum Helmet, Platinum Chainmail, and Platinum Greaves. Much like its Gold cousin, the Platinum Armor set doesn’t give users special effects. But it has a +20 defense, making it a slightly better choice than the Gold armor set. Crafting all the pieces of the Platinum Armor set requires players to gather 75x Platinum Bars made by combining 300x Platinum Ore from the furnace.

Molten Armor

Terraria Molten Armor The Molten Armor can be the next armor set for Melee players progressing from the Gold or Platinum Armor set. It has three components: the Molten Helmet, Molten Breastplate, and Molten Greaves. Wearing every piece of the Molten Armor gives players a +25 defense. That figure is also the highest defense provided by any pre-Hardmode armor set. But it also makes each armor piece to be quite challenging to obtain. Aside from the additional defense, wearing the entire armor set grants the user the following bonus effects:
  • +17% melee damage
  • +7% melee speed
  • +7% melee critical hit chance
  • Immunity to the On Fire! debuff
  • A fire trail will be visible as the player walks/runs (set bonus)
Players must combine 45 x Hellstone Bar from crafting 135 x Hellstone Ore.

Hallowed Armor

Terraria Hallowed Armor The Hallowed Armor joins the ranks of being one of the best armor sets for Melee builds in Terraria. Be mindful, as this armor set also has Ranged and Summoner variants. For the Melee build, players must gather the three armor pieces: the Hallowed Plate Mail, Hallowed Greaves, and the Hallowed Mask. Crafting and wearing either the Hallowed Helmet, Hallowed Hood, or Hallowed Headgear will give the user ranged, magic, or summon bonuses instead of benefits for the Melee class. Wearing the entire Hallowed Armor set also gives the character the following effects and stats:
  • +50 base defense
  • +7% critical hit chance
  • +7% damage
  • +8% movement speed
  • +10% melee damage
  • +10% melee critical hit chance
  • +10% melee speed
  • Gains immunity to an enemy’s first strike (effect has a 30-second cooldown) (set bonus)
Players need to gather 54x Hallowed Bars by defeating the mechanical bosses to craft all the pieces of this armor set. DON'T MISS IT: Three Terraria Bosses Most Have Never Seen

Beetle Armor

Terraria Beetle Armor The Beetle Armor might not be the most aesthetically-pleasing armor set in Terraria, and benefits the melee build well. Nonetheless, it supplies the wearer with effects and stats that only fall short of the Solar Flare Armor. It’s also a Hardmode armor set, and players can only farm its materials after defeating the Golem boss. Its three components are the Beetle Helmet, Beetle Leggings, and Beetle Scale Mail. Players may also choose to swap the Beetle Scale Mail for the Beetle Shell. Doing so will increase the armor’s base defense, but it also reduces the benefits received. While wearing the armor set with the Beetle Scale Mail, the character gains the following effects and stats:
  • 61 base defense
  • +14% melee damage
  • +12% melee and movement speed
  • Grants increased aggro
If the player chooses the Beetle Shell, the set provides the following effects and stats:
  • 73 base defense
  • +11% melee damage
  • +11% melee and movement speed
  • Further increases aggro
Crafting three pieces of the Beetle Armor set requires players to gather 18x Beetle Husks, a full Turtle Armor set (made by crafting 54x Chlorophyte Bars), and 3x Turtle Shells.

Solar Flare Armor

Terraria Solar Flare Armor The Solar Flare Armor is arguably the best endgame armor for the Melee build in Terraria. Players can only acquire the pieces after defeating the Moon Lord, and the full set grants the user melee weapon boosts. Wearing every piece of the Solar Flare Armor grants the following effects and stats:
  • 78 base defense
  • +26% melee critical hit chance
  • +29% melee damage
  • +15% melee and movement speed
  • +3 HP/sec life regeneration
  • +900 aggro
  • Double-tapping the left or right buttons with the armor fully charged will make the character charge and damage enemies in a straight line (set bonus)
The three pieces players need to wear to gain these benefits are the Solar Flare Helmet, Solar Flare Breastplate, and Solar Flare Leggings. Making every piece needs 36x Luminite Bars and 45x Solar Fragments (obtainable from defeating the Solar Pillar).

Best Weapons for Melee Builds in Terraria

Terraria Melee Build Best Weapons Terraria's Rangers have bows and guns, Summoners have their Minions, and Melee characters have swords, spears, and... yo-yos. Like choosing the right armor set, players can choose among the various melee weapons to fit their unique playstyles, and creativity can go a long way.


Terraria Amazon The Amazon is a good choice for a Melee build in Terraria for those that still want to reach enemies from a decently long range. It has the following stats for the user:
  • 18 base melee damage
  • 3.75 knockback
  • 4% critical hit chance
Players must travel to the Underground Jungle biome to gather the materials needed to craft this early-game yoyo. The materials are 8 x Rich Mahogany, 12x Stinger, 9x Jungle Spore, and 1x Vine.

Blade of Grass

Terraria Blade of Grass Players that want to get up close and personal with enemies while wielding the same attack power as the Amazon can use the Blade of Grass sword. This weapon has the following stats and effects:
  • 18 base melee damage
  • 4.5 knockback
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • Chance to poison enemies upon hit
  • Fires a Leaf Blade projectile with 20 armor penetration when swinging the sword
Like the Amazon, players must travel to the Underground Jungle biome to gather the materials for the Blade of Grass. It needs 12x Stingers, 15x Jungle Spores, and 3x Vines. Tip: Craft the Blade of Grass early in the game if you’re going to make the Night’s Edge. The Blade of Grass is one of four weapons needed to craft the Night’s Edge.


Terraria Starfury Players that want a weapon with a higher base damage stat than the Amazon or Blade of Grass can choose the Starfury as their next melee weapon. It offers the following stats and effects:
  • 25 base melee damage
  • 5 knockback
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • Occasionally summons a star from the sky to damage enemies
The Starfury is only obtainable by opening Skyware Chests, Azure Crates, or Sky Crates. Also, the falling star has a cooldown of 0.67 seconds. During this cooldown period, the character wielding the Starfury can’t switch items or look in other directions. Note: The Starfury is one of the many swords required to craft the Zenith.

Night’s Edge

Terraria Night's Edge The Night’s Edge is a weapon only obtainable after defeating the pre-Hardmode boss Skeletron. Equipping and wielding it will provide the character with the following stats and effects:
  • 40 base melee damage
  • 4.5 knockback
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • A purple extension of the slash appears each time the player swings the weapon to reach and damage enemies from a farther-than-usual distance
Crafting the Night’s Edge is quite a feat because it requires players to combine four weapons in front of a Demon or Crimson Altar. These four weapons are the Blade of Grass, Blood Butcherer, Muramasa, and Volcano.


Terraria Sunfury The Sunfury is a flail with a very slow attack speed. However, it makes up for its slowness with an above-average base attack power. Its stats and effects are:
  • 64 base melee damage
  • 6.75 knockback
  • 11% critical hit chance
  • Chance to apply the On Fire! debuff on hit enemies
Players need to scour The Underworld for a Shadow Chest that has the Sunfury. Alternatively, this weapon may also appear in Obsidian Lock Boxes and Hellstone Crates.

Dao of Pow

Terraria Dao of Pow Another flail to be part of this list of the best weapons for a Terraria Melee class is the Dao of Pow. It has a stronger base attack stat than the Sunfury with the same swing animation speed. This weapon’s stats and effects are:
  • 100 base melee damage
  • 6 knockback
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • 80% chance of applying the Confused debuff on hit enemies
The Dao of Pow also continuously damages enemies hit by its hitbox while the weapon is out. Players can also delay the return of this flail for a few extra seconds to deal additional damage to enemies. Crafting the Dao of Pow requires 7x Soul of Night, 7x Soul of Light, 1x Dark Shard, and 1x Light Shard. These materials also indicate that the player can only make this weapon in Hardmode.

True Night’s Edge

Terraria True Night's Edge The True Night’s Edge is the upgraded version of the Night’s Edge sword. It’s also a Hardmode version of its predecessor. Wielding it will provide the user with the following stats and effects:
  • 70 base melee damage
  • 4.75 knockback
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • A green extension of the slash appears each time the player swings the weapon to reach and damage enemies from a farther-than-usual distance
Crafting the True Night’s Edge requires players to combine 20x Soul of Fright, 20x Soul of Might, and 20x Soul of Sight with the weapon’s predecessor near a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil. Note: The True Night’s Edge is one of the materials needed to craft the Terra Blade.

Terra Blade

Terraria Terra Blade Like the Night’s Edge and the True Night’s Edge, the Terra Blade has a similar effect to using those two weapons. However, it supplies the user with stronger stats, which are:
  • 85 base melee damage
  • 6.5 knockback
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • An extension of the slash appears each time the player swings the weapon to reach and damage enemies from a farther-than-usual distance
The additional slash deals 100% of the damage from the weapon, and it reaches farther than the Night’s Edge or True Night’s Edge’s slashes. It also applies buffs and other effects from the player. Crafting the Terra Blade requires players to combine the True Night’s Edge, True Excalibur, and the Broken Hero Sword near a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.


Terraria Daybreak The Daybreak is a spear with an attack power that only falls short of the Zenith. This Hardmode and endgame weapon fires projectiles that don’t require ammo or mana. Its stats and effects are:
  • 150 base melee damage
  • 5 Knockback
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • Chance to apply the Daybroken debuff on hit enemies
The Daybroken debuff inflicts -25 life to inflicted enemies. The debuff also stacks up to 8 times to deal a maximum of 200 HP per quarter second to debuffed enemies. Hitting blocks with the weapon’s explosion will cause the area to explode. Crafting the Daybreak requires players to gather 18x Solar Fragments and combine those materials near an Ancient Manipulator.


Terraria Zenith Zenith is the best Melee weapon in the game. Its high DPS capabilities and strong base melee damage modifier are only rivaled by the difficulty of crafting this weapon. We already have a guide on how to create the Zenith, which you can find here.

Best Accessories for Melee Builds in Terraria

Terraria Melee Build Best Accessories Those taking on melee build in Terraria often find pleasure in equipping accessories like the Cloud in a Bottle or Feral Claws. But aside from these accessories that players can find early in the game, they can also consider endgame accessories like:

Soaring Insignia

Terraria Soaring Insignia The Soaring Insignia is an accessory only obtainable in Hardmode and by defeating the Empress of Light. In particular, players should acquire the drop from the boss called the Treasure Bag and open it. The Soaring Insignia has a 100% chance of appearing from the bag, unlike the other items that can come out of it. Wearing the Soaring Insignia grants users the following effects:
  • Increases jump speed
  • Grants infinite wing and rocket boot flight
  • Increases movement speed

Charm of Myths

Terraria Charm of Myths Another Hardmode accessory, the Charm of Myths, is only obtainable by crafting the Band of Regeneration and Philosopher’s Stone at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. Wearing it grants the user with the following effects:
  • Increases HP/sec regeneration
  • Reduces healing potion cooldown

Star Veil

Terraria Star Veil Combining the Star Cloak and the Cross Necklace accessories at the Tinkerer’s Workshop will yield the Star Veil. The following effects will apply as long as the player wears this accessory:
  • Stars fall to damage nearby enemies if the wearer takes damage
  • Increases invincibility period after taking damage

Frozen Shield

Terraria Frozen Shield Players can only get the Frozen Shield after defeating the Plantera boss. It provides the wearer with the combined effects of its materials, which are the Paladin’s Shield and Frozen Turtle Shell. In particular, these effects are:
  • Immunity to knockback
  • A shell appears when the wearer is below 50% HP
  • While the shell is active, it reduces incoming damage by 25%
  • If another player is in the same world, 25% of the damage received from the Frozen Shield bearer will go to that player (as long as the other character is above 25% HP)

Celestial Shell

Terraria Celestial Shell The Celestial Shell is only obtainable after defeating the Golem boss. It combines the effects provided by its materials, the Celestial Stone and the Moon Shell. These effects include:
  • Celestial Stone: +10% melee speed, +10% damage, +2% critical hit chance, +1 HP/sec life regeneration, +4 defense, +15% mining speed, +0.5 Minion knockback
  • Moon Shell: Turns the user into a werewolf at night and merfolk when entering bodies of water, along with stat boosts of +2% melee critical hit chance, +5.1% melee damage, +5.1% melee speed, +5% movement speed, +3 defense, +0.5 HP/sec life regeneration, and a slight increase to jump height and speed
Like the Frozen Shield and the Star Veil accessories, players must combine the Celestial Stone and the Moon Shell at the Tinkerer’s Workshop to obtain the Celestial Shell.

Fire Gauntlet

Terraria Fire Gauntlet Players can craft the Fire Gauntlet accessory after defeating the mechanical bosses. Wearing it will grant the user with the following effects:
  • Using weapons will now emit orange light particles that enable brief illumination of the area
  • Causes the Hellfire debuff on hit enemies
  • +100% knockback
  • +12% damage
  • +12% attack speed
  • +10% size on certain weapons
  • Enables autoswing for all weapons
Crafting the Fire Gauntlet requires players to combine the Magma Stone and Mechanical Glove accessories at the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

Tips & Tricks

Terraria Melee Build Tips and Tricks Using the best Melee build in Terraria can still be challenging for some players if they don’t use the class’s abilities and traits to their fullest potential. So here are some tips and tricks that may help the next time you get up close and personal:
  • Your best offense is a good defense. Prioritize enhancing your character’s defense stat so you can survive longer to deal more damage to enemies in the end, especially as you'll have a much harder time avoiding incoming damage.
  • Commit to a different class first. There’s no shame in choosing the Ranged or Summoner class early in the game before selecting a Melee build, particularly if you have the items for those classes. This will give you an extra boost that can help get past the hurdles of the early game.
  • Stack up on potions. Getting close to enemies means that you might be getting hit more than other classes. You should prepare yourself for when your HP drops to dangerous levels and know which option you'll be using next ahead of time.
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