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Terraria Zenith Crafting Guide: Requirements, Materials, Stats & More

Posted on by justin
Zenith is the most powerful melee weapon in Terraria, and also one of its most unique. To craft this incredible sword, you must combine several other powerful swords from your adventures. Then, when swung, the Zenith’s sprite breaks into its various crafting components into a 20-tile radius to damage enemies. To take advantage of this awesome weapon, here's how to craft Zenith in Terraria and everything you'll need to get it done.

Zenith Stats

Terraria Zenith Stats
  • Damage: 190
  • Knockback: 6.5
  • Critical chance: 14%
  • Velocity: 32
  • Use time: 30
  • Rarity: Red
Arguably one of the best weapons in the game, the Zenith also has hidden effects not immediately explained in the game. For instance, the sword ignores enemy invincibility frames, allowing damage numbers to rack up quickly. It also has some homing capabilities, which can be helpful for mobile and PC Terraria players as they can guide the sword using the touchscreen or a mouse. DON'T MISS IT: Terraria Potions Guide: All Recipes, Effects, & How to Get Them

How to Craft Zenith in Terraria

The journey to piecing together Zenith is a long one, and may not be for the faint of heart. For those that are ready to brave it, though, here's what you'll need to assemble the most powerful weapon in Terraria.

Zenith Crafting Ingredients

Terraria Zenith Swords
  • 1 x Broken Hero Sword
  • 1 x Muramasa
  • 1 x Meowmere
  • 1 x Star Wrath
  • 1 x Influx Waver
  • 1 x The Horseman’s Blade
  • 1 x Seedler
  • 1 x Bee Keeper
  • 1 x Starfury
  • 1 x Enchanted Sword
  • 1 x Copper Shortsword or 15 Copper Ore
  • 30 x Demonite or Crimtane Ore
  • 15 x Jungle Spores
  • 12 x Stingers
  • 20 x Obsidian
  • 3 x Vine
  • 60 x Hellstone
  • 12 x Hallowed Bars
  • 20 x Souls of Fright
  • 20 x Souls of Might
  • 20 x Souls of Sights
  • 120 x Chlorophyte Ore
Those playing Terraria in Journey Mode can’t craft the Zenith, as these players won’t be able to acquire the Copper Shortsword, a staple weapon for players in other game modes. DON'T MISS IT: Minecraft vs. Terraria

Copper Shortsword

Copper_Shortsword If a new character doesn’t start in Journey Mode, the player should have the Copper Shortsword in the inventory. However, if the player accidentally throws the Copper Shortsword, crafting a new one is possible by using 5 Copper Bars. Copper Ore is obtainable from mining, killing slimes, and destroying crates. Players shouldn’t also confuse the Copper Shortsword with the Tin Shortsword.


Starfury Players can find the Starfury in a chest on the Floating Islands. Bear in mind that the Starfury may not appear in any of the chests in the Floating Islands. If so, players can fish for Sky Crates for a chance to obtain this weapon.

Enchanted Sword

Enchanted Sword Players can find the Enchanted Sword in Enchanted Sword Shrines. This is not a guaranteed item, as there are fake versions of the sword. By looking at its sprite's design, players will know if the Enchanted Sword is real. The fake one has a dull-looking color, while the genuine variant has a blue handle with a red gem on its hilt. If players cannot find an Enchanted Sword in all of the Enchanted Sword Shrines, they can still obtain it by opening Golden or Titanium Crates. Take note that Golden Crates are only obtainable via fishing on difficulties starting from Pre-Hardmode. On the other hand, Titanium Crates are only obtainable by fishing in Hardmode.

Bee Keeper

Bee Keeper The Bee Keeper is a drop from the pre-Hardmode boss Queen Bee. It’s a 33% drop, which may require players to repeat the fight to get the sword. Players can summon the Queen Bee by breaking Larva in Bee Hives. Bee Hives are found in different locations throughout the Underground Jungle biome. Summoning the Queen Bee is also possible by using the Abeemination item. Players can craft this item with the following ingredients:
  • 5 x Honey Block
  • 5 x Hive
  • Stinger
  • Bottled Honey
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Seedler The Seedler is obtainable by defeating Plantera, a Hardmode boss in the Underground Jungle. Like the Bee Keeper, the Seedler isn’t a guaranteed drop from the boss, so it may take a few tries. Summoning Plantera is possible by breaking Plantera’s Bulbs, but beware, Plantera will only appear after defeating the three mechanical bosses: Skeleton Prime, The Twins, and The Destroyer.

The Horseman’s Blade

The_Horseman's_Blade The Horseman’s Blade is a non-guaranteed drop from the Hardmode boss Pumpking. The boss only spawns during the Pumpkin Moon event, which players can trigger using the Pumpkin Mood Medallion at night.

Influx Waver

Influx Waver The Influx Waver may drop from the Hardmode boss Martian Saucer. The boss only spawns in the Martian Madness event that triggers after defeating Golem. The event will only begin if at least one player has at least 200 maximum health.

Star Wrath

Star Wrath The Star Wrath may drop from the Hardmode boss Moon Lord, the final boss of the desktop, console, and mobile versions of Terraria. During the Lunar Events, the Moon Lord will only appear after destroying the four Celestial Pillars. Players may also use the Celestial Sigil item to summon the Moon Lord regardless of the status of the Celestial Pillars.


Meowmere Players may receive the Meowmere by defeating the Hardmode boss Moon Lord. It’s also worth mentioning that the Meowmere is stronger than the Zenith when it comes to base damage. The Zenith does, however, have a higher DPS than the Meowmere thanks to its powerful effects.

Terra Blade

Terraria Terra Blade The Terra Blade is a craftable weapon in Terraria. Players can craft this item at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil crafting station using the following ingredients:
  • True Night’s Edge: A Hardmode sword crafted using a Mythril or Orichalcum crafting station by combining a Night’s Edge, 20 Souls of Fright, 20 Souls of Might, and 20 Souls of Sight
  • True Excalibur: A Hardmode sword crafted using a Mythril or Orichalcum crafting station by combining an Excalibur with 24 Chlorophyte Bars
  • Broken Hero Sword: A Hardmode sword only obtainable after defeating the Plantera boss and by killing Mothron during the Solar Eclipse event


Terraria Muramasa Players can find the Muramasa in Locked Gold Chests or Golden Lock Boxes in Dungeons. Opening the chests and boxes requires Golden Keys, so make sure you're stocked up.

Other Ingredients For The Zenith

Terraria Zenith Ingredients Aside from the many swords required to craft Zenith in Terraria, other raw materials that players will need to craft or gather includes:
  • Demonite Ore: A pre-hardmode ore mined from small underground veins containing Corruption in different locations in the world
  • Crimtane Ore: A pre-hardmode ore with a rare chance to drop from small underground veins containing Crimson in different locations in the world
  • Jungle Spores: A crafting material obtained by destroying green glowing orbs on Jungle grass in the Cavern layer or the Underground Jungle
  • Vine: A crafting material with a high to guaranteed chance to drop by killing Man Eaters in the Underground Jungle biome
  • Stingers: A crafting material dropped by killing Hornets, Moss Hornets, and Spiked Jungle Slimes in the Underground Jungle biome
  • Hellstone: A mineable ore in The Underworld that requires at least a Deathbringer/Nightmare Pickaxe
  • Obsidian: An ore unique to pre-Hardmode and harder difficulty modes mined with a pickaxe at different mining locations
  • Soul of Fright: A crafting material dropped from the Hardmode boss Skeleton Prime
  • Soul of Might: A crafting material dropped by the Hardmode boss, The Destroyer
  • Soul of Sight: A crafting material dropped by the Hardmode boss, The Twins
  • Hallowed Bar: A crafting material dropped by the three mechanical bosses: Skeleton Prime, The Destroyer, and The Twins
  • Chlorophyte Ore: A Hardmode ore mined or drilled in the Underground Jungle
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