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How To Get Tech Armor In Sons Of The Forest

Posted on by justin
In Sons of the Forest, Tech Armor is the strongest armor in the game, offering better survivability than the Creep Armor. To make use of it though, players need to find and maintain the 10 pieces of the armor. Since that's easier said than done, we're here to help. With that, here's how to get the Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest, and what you'll need to keep it running.

Sons Of The Forest Tech Armor Requirements & Locations

Each piece of the Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest requires the following items:
  • Tech Mesh
  • Circuit Board
  • Duct Tape
  • Wire
  • Batteries
That means that players need to gather 10 sets of these items to complete a set of Tech Armor, so let's break down the best ways to gather each piece. DON'T MISS IT: Sons of the Forest GPS Locators Guide: All Locations & How to Get Them

Tech Mesh

3D printer locations To make one Tech Mesh, players need a 3D printer and 250 pieces of resin. Therefore, players should have at least 2,500 pieces of resin to build the Tech Armor. There are three 3D Printers in Sons of the Forest, and each can be found in the following locations:
  • 3D Printer #1: Found in a cave between the ocean and the snowy mountains at the west of the map.
  • 3D Printer #2: Dig at a predetermined site at the northwest part of the map. Players need the shovel to obtain this item.
  • 3D Printer #3: Like 3D Printer #2, players need the shovel to dig this item at the southwestern part of the map. Players also need the Rebreather and Rope Gun to access this area.
As for the resin, players can search the different bunkers on the island for this item. Keep in mind that the Shovel is a requirement for this process as players won’t be able to open the bunker hatch without it.

Circuit Board

Circuit board locations Unlike the Tech Mesh, Circuit Boards are a much easier resource to find in Sons of the Forest, as players can gather them by smashing technological items such as radios and laptops.

Duct Tape

Duct tape locations Like the Circuit Board, Duct Tape is a relatively common item in Sons of the Forest. Players can find Duct Tape by smashing Cases littered across the game’s map. These are particularly concentrated in Abandoned Camps.


Wire location To find Wire in Sons of the Forest, players must travel to the southern river bank in the western part of the map. Here, a cave entrance leading to a bunker is present. Enter the bunker and the Wire should be an easy find, and the location also holds other essential items like the Track Suit that you'll want to grab as well.


Batteries locations Batteries can be found all throughout the map, most often in storage containers and on the bodies of many different enemies. Some underground bunkers may also supply batteries to players.

Does Tech Armor Break in Sons of the Forest?

Although the Tech Armor is the best armor in Sons of the Forest, and even after this lengthy build process, unfortunately, it can still break. This can happen especially easily when fighting a large group of enemies. You can also expect some of the pieces of your Tech Armor to break down after a few swings from strong enemies. Despite its vulnerabilities, though, Tech Armor remains the premier protective gear in Sons of the Forest while also looking the most stylish. Learn more about how you can try out the Tech Armor yourself through our Sons of the Forest servers here.
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