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Terraria Ice Queen Boss Guide: How To Summon, Attacks, Loot Table & more

Posted on by justin
Introduced as part of the second Christmas update, the Ice Queen in Terraria is a mini-boss that spawns with the Frost Moon event. However, players beware; underestimating this mini-boss will mean a cold, swift death. So, keep reading as we walk you through how you can defeat the Ice Queen and what she has in store for players once she's been summoned.

How to Summon Ice Queen in Terraria

Terraria Ice Queen Summon As mentioned earlier, the Ice Queen in Terraria is part of the Frost Moon invasion. Activating this event requires players to use the Naughty Present at night. The message, “The Frost Moon is rising…” will appear on the lower left of the screen upon successful use of that item. However, the Ice Queen won’t spawn until Wave 11.

How To Beat Ice Queen

Terraria Ice Queen Although the Ice Queen is a mini-boss, it’s also classified as the final major enemy of the Frost Moon event. Its frost attacks, fast movements, and relatively high health pool make this enemy a dangerous threat. One way to combat this boss’ fast movements is to use a quick-moving flying item, such as the Jetpack or Hoverboard. Also, use your most powerful range or magic weapon to hit this enemy from afar. Using melee weapons is still an option. But chasing the Ice Queen around the battlefield might be counterproductive since you still have to worry about the invasion’s other enemies. In particular, moving around a lot while the Frost Moon event is active increases the risk of getting hit by enemy fire. Alternatively, you can build an arena near Sky Island. That way, you can reduce the number of enemies spawning during the event, increasing your survivability. Plus, here are other tips to help you beat the Ice Queen:
  • Drink an Inferno Potion to block the Ice Queen’s ice shards
  • The Piranha Gun, Horseman's Blade, and Daybreak are great weapons to use for this particular fight
  • Create a barrier with blocks to shield yourself from the frost shards
The Ice Queen has two major attacks: frost waves and frost shards. You’ll know when the boss will use frost waves when it flies to the left. Then, this queen will use frost waves as it passes from left to right. As for the frost shards, the Ice Queen can use them on two occasions. First, the queen will hover above the player while raining down shards. Next, the boss stays stationary in the air, then spins to shoot frost shards in all directions. Although this mini-boss doesn’t have multiple phases, unlike other bosses in Terraria like Duke Fishron, its behavior increases in ferocity as its health depletes. For instance, its twirl attack will occur at least once per 8 seconds when its health is above 75%. But this frequency increases to once per 2 seconds when its health drops to about 10%.
Loot Table
  • Baby Grinch’s Mischief Whistle
  • Blizzard Staff
  • Snowman Cannon
  • North Pole
  • Reindeer Bells
  • Ice Queen Trophy
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