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Terraria Deerclops Boss Guide: How to Summon, Loot, & Combat Overview

Posted on by justin
What do you get when you combine a Cyclops and a giant deer? The Deerclops in Terraria brings this terrifying combination to life, and it's as spooky as it sounds. Although the Deerclops is a pre-Hardmode boss, it's one that will still put players to the test. With that, here's how to summon the Deerclops, the loot it drops, and some tips and tricks on how to defeat it.

How to Summon the Deerclops In Terraria

Terraria Summon Deerclops The Deerclops is a boss from another game titled Don’t Starve. It arrives in Terraria as part of a permanent crossover update. Players can then summon the Deerclops in Terraria by using one of two methods:
  1. Use the Deer Thing item in the Snow biome
  2. Wait for the boss to naturally summon at midnight during a Blizzard while you’re in the Snow biome
Choosing the first option requires crafting the boss-summoning item. To make the Deer Thing, combine 3x Flinx Fur, 3x Demonite (or Crimtane Ore), and 1x Lens near a Demon or Crimson Altar. On the other hand, waiting for the Deerclops to summon naturally can take a while, considering you have to wait for a snowstorm. But if the Snow biome happens to have a blizzard, the Deerclops will only appear if:
  • The player is at the surface of the Snow biome
  • No NPCs are near the player
  • It must be midnight
  • One player in the current world must have at least 200 health and 9 defense
Note: The Deerclops’ natural spawn rate reduces to 25% after killing it once.

How to Defeat the Deerclops: All Attacks, Tips, and Loot Table

Terraria Deerclops fight It’s best to be on your toes all the time while fighting the Deerclops. It has a large health pool and can hit players from afar using ranged attacks. However, closing the distance will also put your character at risk of receiving heavy melee damage. Although you can fight the Deerclops in any terrain on the Snow biome surface, consider making an arena first. That way, you can control the fight instead of the boss taking advantage of you. Next, equip your most powerful armor and weapons for this fight. Getting hit with one of the Deerclops’ attacks can chip off at least one heart health if you don’t have a decent defense. Also, waiting too long to defeat this boss may put you in more danger than anticipated. Also, bring items preventing Slow and Frozen debuffs, like the Fast Clock and the Snow Armor set. Having these debuffs can increase your chances of getting hit by the Deerclops. It’s also wise to go for mid-ranged attacks instead of short- and long-range assaults. Aside from the dangers of being close to the boss, staying far away will make this enemy invulnerable. You’ll know when it won’t take damage from hits if the Deerclops turns into a dark shade of purple. Note: Unlike other bosses, the Deerclops doesn’t despawn if all players die from the battle. Leaving and re-entering the world, however, will cause the boss to despawn.
Deerclops has four main attacks:
  • Deerclops smashes the ground to summon a wave of spikes that travel in the player’s direction
  • The boss scoops debris from the ground and chucks them into the player’s direction
  • A roar that can inflict the Slow debuff to all players in a 50-tile radius
  • Summons Shadow Hands if the player is above the Deerclops boss
  • Eye Bone
  • Eyebrella
  • Radio Thing
  • Dizzy’s Rare Gecko Chester
  • Pew-matic Horn
  • Weather Pain
  • Houndius Shootius
  • Lucy the Axe
  • Deerclops Mask
  • Deerclops Trophy
  • Healing Potion
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