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Terraria Skeletron Prime Boss Guide: How to Summon, All Attacks, & Loot Table

Posted on by justin
If you thought pre-Hardmode Skeletron was fearsome, wait until you fight its Hardmode counterpart. Introduced in version 1.1, Skeletron Prime in Terraria has a full-metal appearance, unlike its boney pre-Hardmode variant. But its new look also comes with additional moves and attacks, making it a worthy opponent for any player who’s up for a challenge.

How to Summon Skeletron Prime In Terraria

Terraria Skeletron Prime Summon Like the other mechanical bosses, The Destroyer and The Twins, players can summon Skeletron Prime by destroying a Demon or Crimson Altar in Hardmode. If successful, the words “The air is getting colder around you…” will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. However, this summoning method doesn’t guarantee that Skeletron Prime will appear. Alternatively, using the boss-summoning item Mechanical Skull at night will always make Skeletron Prime appear. Note that using this item during the day won’t consume it or summon the boss. Craft this item by using 30x Bone, 3x Soul of Light, 3x Soul of Night, and 5x any iron bar near a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.

How To Beat Skeletron Prime (All Attacks and Tips & Tricks)

Terraria Skeletron Prime Create an arena for Skeletron Prime before attempting to destroy a Crimson or Demon Altar. Since you can’t pick up and place these altars in vanilla Terraria, you may need to destroy your arena to save resources if Skeletron Prime doesn’t appear. On the other hand, wait until you can craft the Mechanical Skull item. Then, create the arena anywhere on the world’s map before using that boss-summoning item. Once you use it, Skeletron Prime appears in a few seconds. Ensure that your arena has several health- and mana-regeneration-boosting items, such as Campfires, Heart Lanterns, and Stars in Bottles. You can also place Garden Gnomes and Bast Statues for defensive buffs. Next, consider using a magic or ranged weapon for this fight. Fighting Skeletron Prime at close proximity can be risky, particularly when its head spins. It might also be wise to bring a weapon that can inflict the Frostburn debuff. Despite this boss being immune to almost every debuff in the game, it’s still susceptible to Frostburn. Some examples include the Flower of Frost and bows that can use the Frostburn Arrow. As for the armor of choice, it depends on your build. But a safe option is the Palladium Armor since it greatly increases natural health regeneration. The Frost and Forbidden Armor sets are also good alternatives. Warning: Kill Skeletron Prime before dawn. Otherwise, this boss becomes enraged, and will most likely kill you quickly.
Skeletron Prime’s attacks are dependent on its multiple body parts. Although its limbs will frequently chase the player, this boss’ head won’t actively attempt to deal close-range damage. As for its attacks, Skeletron Prime has four primary ways of dealing damage:
  • Bombs fire from Prime Cannon
  • Prime Saw will move up and down the player’s position
  • Prime Vice swipes wildly while making occasional lunges
  • Death Lasers fire from Prime Laser in the player’s direction
Moreover, Skeletron Prime spins for about 7 seconds every 10 seconds. While it’s spinning, its attacks become fiercer than normal:
  • Prime Cannon’s fire rate decreases and aims at the player’s position directly
  • Prime Saw homes at the player’s location
  • Death Lasers that fire from Prime Laser become more frequent
  • Prime Vice becomes fiercer and lunges at the player’s position
  • The boss’ head grows spikes and moves to the player for contact damage
Tip: Destroy the body parts to limit Skeletron Prime’s combat potency.
Loot Table
  • Soul of Fright
  • Hallowed Bar
  • Horned God Mask
  • Skeletron Prime Mask
  • Skeletron Prime Trophy
  • Greater Healing Potion
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