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Terraria The Destroyer Boss Guide: How to Summon, Attacks, & Loot Table

Posted on by justin
If you thought the pre-Hardmode boss Eater of Worlds was a problematic enemy, then its Hardmode variant is more troublesome. The Destroyer in Terraria gives a new meaning to the words, “quantity over quality.” Each of its segments can attack, which means it’s a boss that requires skill, patience, and perhaps multiple retries.

How to Summon The Destroyer in Terraria

Terraria The Destroyer The Destroyer is a Hardmode boss that was first introduced in patch 1.1. Players can choose from one of two different options to summon The Destroyer:
  1. Destroy a Crimson or Demon Altar at night, or
  2. Use the Mechanical Worm item at night
Note that choosing the first option only has a 10% chance of summoning The Destroyer successfully. You’ll know if this boss is going to your location if the words, “You feel vibrations from deep below…” appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. On the other hand, using the Mechanical Worm guarantees the boss’ appearance. However, you must craft this item near a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil using the following items:
  • 6x Rotten Chunk or Vertebra
  • 6x Soul of Night
  • 5x any iron bar

How To Beat The Destroyer: All Attacks & Tips and Tricks

Terraria Defeat The Destroyer Players will find the various sections of The Destroyer to be more challenging than many of the game’s other bosses. This fight is still fairly similar to the Eater of Worlds boss fight in pre-Hardmode. It’s because The Destroyer frequently digs underground and tries to charge at you. However, The Destroyer brings new attacks to the table, and each section can hurt or even kill your character. Note that proper preparation is essential to win this boss fight. So, don’t fight it in random places. Instead, build an arena with adequate lighting and multiple campfires. You can also place Heart Lanterns to boost health regeneration. Another option is to use Stars in Bottles to help improve mana regeneration if you chose one of the game’s magical builds. Don’t forget to bring plenty of your most potent healing potions. Also, make sure to give your character buffs before the fight to increase survivability. You may also place NPCs in the boss battle arena. NPCs like the Dryad and Nurse can cast helpful buffs and healing spells when your character is in range. But be careful because these NPCs can still die in the crossfire. Tip: Get a nice health boost by starting an event like Frost Moon to leave hearts around the battlefield before summoning The Destroyer.
After completing the preparations, destroy a Crimson or Demon Altar, or use the Mechanical Worm item to summon The Destroyer. The fight starts with the boss coiled up. Then, it’ll immediately uncoil itself as it moves to you at charging speed. Once it stops, it’ll do one of two attacks:
  • Death Lasers firing from all segments
  • Probes appear from the boss’ segments, which will then fire pink lasers
Note that each segment also has a chance of summoning a Probe when damaged. You’ll know if a segment is about to release a probe if its light goes out.
  • Soul of Might
  • Hallowed Bar
  • Horned God Robe
  • Destroyer Mask
  • Destroyer Trophy
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