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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley 1.6: New Cutscene and NPC Interactions

Posted on by justin
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Update 1.6 and its massive offerings bring new features and content to the beloved farming and life simulator. Now, players can trigger dynamic dialogues, custom gift reactions, and even a creepy cutscene! So, here’s a look at the new NPC cutscene and interactions in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley 1.6: New Cutscene and Interactions

Stardew Valley New NPC Cutscene and Interactions The new NPC cutscene and interactions in Stardew Valley make characters feel more like real people than programmed individuals. These new conversations and scenarios can help players build strong relationships with NPCs.

New Mr. Qi Cutscene

Stardew Valley Mr. Qi Cutscene Mr. Qi is a mysterious entity in Stardew Valley. Many players would generally start learning about his existence through cryptic notes and side quests. However, this secretive NPC seems to know more about Stardew Valley than meets the eye. In particular, Stardew Players can access a secret location upon completing a completionist run. That means acquiring typically everything the game has to offer. Called The Summit, a player that attains this massive achievement can enjoy this calming scene, knowing that all their hard work paid off. However, accessing The Summit even without going through a completionist run, whether by cheats or trainers, is possible. Instead of adding security measures to prevent cheaters from accessing The Summit, developer ConcernedApe added a neat, albeit somewhat scary, Easter Egg. If you enter The Summit without completing a completionist run, Mr. Qi will wait for you at the site. The NPC addresses your "shortcut" and proceeds to mock you for it. After Mr. Qi finishes talking, the screen fades to black. Your character will then wake up at the Pelican Town Clinic. Here, Harvey, the resident doctor, explains that someone found you “battered” and “unconscious.” He’ll then charge you 500 gold pieces for his care.

New NPC Interactions

Stardew Valley NPC interactions Apart from the creepy new cutscene, Stardew Valley players should notice new NPC interactions added to the game with Update 1.6. Here’s a quick overview of the new dialogues players may trigger upon giving certain NPCs presents:


  • Give the “Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Thick” book: Alex will reply, “Aw, yeah... I've been looking for this one. It's supposed to be full of tips for bulking up. Rule number one... Eat a ton of eggs! Hah, no problem! Thanks!”
  • Give a Parrot Egg: He’ll reply, “Can you eat this? I guess there's only one way to find out...”
  • Give a Golden Egg: He’ll reply, “Hehe... Keep giving me these every day, and I'll be able to retire at thirty!”
  • Give a Dinosaur Egg: He’ll reply, “Now that's what I call an egg! Imagine the size of the omelet...”
  • Give an Ostrich Egg: “Whoaa... It's so heavy I could use it for bicep curls. I'll be slurping on this for a week! Hah hah!”
  • Give a Duck Egg: He’ll reply, “Mmm... Duck egg... Rich and creamy. *crack*... *slurp*. Ahhhh...”
  • Give a Field Snack: He’ll reply, “*crunch*... Mmm... Nuts. That hits the spot. Thanks, [player name]."
  • Give a Void Egg: He’ll reply, “Oh... um... I usually like eggs, but this one looks evil.”


  • Give an Amethyst: Abigail will reply, “Wow... it's just my color! Thanks, [player name]!” or “Thank you! This is my favorite stone. It's so pretty.”
  • Give an Ancient Sword: She’ll reply, “Whoa... Where'd you find this? The workmanship is fascinating... It's a little too rusty to use, but I'll add it to my collection.”
  • Give a Basilisk Paw: She’ll reply, “Disgusting... I love it!”
  • Give a Bone Flute: She’ll reply, “This makes you wonder... Thousands of years ago, there was probably a little purple-haired cavewoman who played this flute, just like me... I'll have to wash it before pressing it to my lips, though.”
  • Give a “Combat Quarterly” book: She’ll reply, “Hey, this is my favorite magazine! My Dad won't let me have a subscription, so I have to get it on the black market like this...”
  • Give a Magic Rock Candy: She’ll reply, “Oh, wow... [player name]! Are you sure you want to give this to me? It's so rare! I'll admit, my mouth is watering already...”
  • Give a “Monster Compendium” book: She’ll reply, "Whoa, that's a creepy-looking book... I love it! *Flip* *flip* *flip*... Ooh... It's full of monsters... I'll have to study this before going into the caves... Thanks!”
  • Give a Stardrop Tea: She’ll reply, “Wow... the color is so beautiful, like an amethyst. Thanks!”


  • Give an Aquamarine: Emily will reply, “Thank you! I'm gonna put this under my pillow, and hopefully, I'll dream about the ocean."


  • Give a Driftwood: Leah will reply, “Oh! Thank you! This one has an interesting shape...”

Additional Villager Dialogues and Reactions

Apart from the new dialogues, some NPCs can now strike new conversations and react differently depending on certain conditions. Many players have already noticed these new dialogues and responses, including the following:
  • Other villagers will notice a blooming relationship when you start dating a bachelor or bachelorette.
  • After fishing a Salmon, Alex will notice it and say that he saw you catching the fish.
  • Demetrius becomes shocked after hearing that you hatched a dinosaur from an egg.
  • Gus becomes excited after hearing about your tomatoes ripening soon.
  • Lewis congratulates the player after harvesting the first batch of parsnips.
  • Robin mentions that she talked to Willy after you catch your first fish.
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