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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Mr. Qi Quest Guide

Posted on by justin
Mr. Qi is an NPC in Stardew Valley that players typically find in Ginger Island after obtaining 100x Golden Walnuts. But Mr. Qi does more than track your completionist run. Dubbed the Mr. Qi Quest in Stardew Valley, we’ll show you how to start, progress, and complete this secret quest so you can reap its rewards.

How to Begin the Mr. Qi Quest in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Mr. Qi Quest Beginning the Mr. Qi quest in Stardew Valley is possible through two interactions:
  • Method #1: Go to the library and search the shelves for an untitled lost book, and it’ll tell you that Gunther saw something weird in the tunnel leading out of Pelican Town.
  • Method #2: Randomly find Secret #22, which tells of a “secret” in a dark tunnel.

Mr. Qi Quest Walkthrough

After triggering the Stardew Valley Mr. Qi Quest, visit the location mentioned in Secret #22 or the untitled lost book. In the tunnel, search for a dimly lit area and hug the wall. Interact with a box that’s fairly hidden from view. Then, it tells you the lockbox has no power and needs batteries. If you don’t have a Battery Pack, you can sometimes buy one from the Traveling Cart for 1,500 to 2,500 gold pieces. This item may also appear when breaking boxes or crates in the Skull Cavern or after killing Iridium Bats. Alternatively, you can charge a Lightning Rod during a thunderstorm. Then, wait until tomorrow to find a Battery Pack next to the charged Lightning Rod. Note: Obtain 3x Battery Pack after completing the Children’s Bundle for the Bulletin Board in the Community Center. A Battery Pack can also be a reward from a remixed bundle as of patch 1.5. Your next task will appear once you place the Battery Pack in the lockbox. This time, you must place a Rainbow Shell into the box at the train station. After which, your next objective appears. Next, you must “Give the sand dragon his final meal.” This cryptic message requires you to put a Solar Essence in the Sand Dragon’s mouth in The Desert. Note that it’s not technically a live dragon since you’ll only find the creature’s bones. Nonetheless, your next and final task appears after placing the item in the mouth. Last, go back to your farmhouse and inspect the lumber pile beside the exterior wall. You’ll find a Club Card, which gives you access to Mr. Qi’s Casino. Note: The Casino is located at the back door of the Oasis. If you don’t have a Club Card, the Bouncer will shoo you away.
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