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Stardew Valley Ginger Island Guide: How to Unlock & All Content

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Stardew Valley isn’t the only map you can encounter in the game. After completing certain objectives, you can access Ginger Island and build a separate farm in that location. So, continue reading as we guide you through how to unlock Ginger Island in Stardew Valley and what you can do during your visit.

What is Ginger Island in Stardew Valley?

Ginger Island is a unique unlockable area in Stardew Valley separated into four sections, the North, East, West, and South, each with its own tasks for players to complete upon arrival. While this island is mysterious at first, it's a very valuable location for players to frequent for its resources, unique economy (with its own currency), and the many fun things to do in the area.

How to Unlock Ginger Island

Stardew Valley Unlock Ginger Island To go to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley, players must first unlock the boat behind the Fish Shop. Gaining access to that vessel requires you to complete all Community Center Bundles. Once unlocked, you can access the boat anytime, as long as the Fish Shop is open. Keep in mind that the shop’s operating hours are 9 am to 5 pm daily except Saturdays. But you can still access the boat on Saturday if it’s raining. Willy, the shop owner, will charge you 1,000 gold pieces for the trip. Note: Unlocking all Community Center bundles also unlocks the “Local Legend” achievement.

Ginger Island Sections

Upon arriving at Ginger Island in Stardew Valley, you’ll notice that it’s a smaller area than the main map. Nonetheless, it has no shortage of places to explore and things to do while going through its four main sections. Stardew Valley Ginger Island
Island South
The southern part of Ginger Island is your first landing spot. It has a dock, a small beach, and a Warp Totem. A broken-down Island Farmhouse also resides in this section. You can repair this establishment and start farming by spending 20x Golden Walnut. Spend another 20x Golden Walnut to build the Beach Resort. Upon building it, villagers from Pelican Town will visit Ginger Island daily, provided it’s not raining or a holiday. Next, head southeast to find a Pirate Cove. Here, you can play Darts with visiting pirates for a chance to win Golden Walnuts. Also, some unique fish can only be seen and caught in this location, such as the Flounder and Stingray. On rainy days, you’ll also see a Mermaid sitting on a large rock in this corner of Ginger Island. Place Flute Blocks to play the Mermaid’s Song while the Mermaid is present to receive 5x Golden Walnut.
Island East
Walk east from the dock to arrive at the eastern part of Ginger Island. Here, you’ll find a boy named Leo in a hut with his talking parrot. Talk to the parrot for hints on how many Golden Walnuts are left on the island. Travel east of this section to find a hidden path that leads to an area with a shrine and multiple pedestals. Interacting with the shrine will show the following message: "When dark clouds cry, begin your quest To seek the fabled gem-birds four Each day, one north, south, east, or west Arrange their gifts upon my door" This message hints at the Gem Birds that visit the island at specific locations when it’s raining. The locations of each Gem Bird are:
  • South: At the upper left of the docks
  • East: Near the middle path
  • North: At the upper right of the Island Trader
  • West: To the right of the pond
Approach each Gem Bird, and it’ll fly away. But the birds will leave gems matching their colors. Then, go back to the shrine to receive 5x Golden Walnut.
Island North
From the southern docks, travel north to reach the northern part of Ginger Island. Here, you’ll find the Island Trader (introduced in version 1.5), but you must pay 10x Golden Walnut to a parrot to unlock the blue-bird seller. This unique merchant doesn’t ask for gold pieces. Instead, it’s a trading hub wherein you must exchange items for the wares. The items that are up for trading, along with their costs, are:
  • Warp Totem: Farm: 5x Taro Root
  • Taro Tuber: 2x Bone Fragment
  • Pineapple Seeds: 1x Magma Cap
  • Golden Coconut: 10x Coconut
  • Tropical TV: 30x Taro Root
  • Jungle Torch: 5x Cinder Shard
  • Tropical Chair: 1x Lionfish
  • Banana Sapling: 5x Dragon Tooth
  • Mango Sapling: 75x Mussel
  • Small Cap: 30x Taro Root
  • Bluebird Mask: 30x Taro Root
  • Deluxe Cowboy Hat: 30x Taro Root
  • Wild Double Bed: 100x Cinder Shard
  • Tropical Bed: 20x Ginger
  • Tropical Double Bed: 5x Banana
  • Palm Wall Ornament: 1x Pineapple
  • Volcano Photo: 5x Mango
  • Oceanic Rug: 3x Blue Discus
  • Mahogany Seed: 1x Stingray
  • Luau Skirt: 50x Taro Root
  • Banana Pudding Recipe: 30x Bone Fragment
  • Deluxe Retaining Soil Recipe: 50x Cinder Shard
  • Galaxy Soul: 10x Radioactive Bar
Note: Some items sold by the Island Trader will only be available on specific days. Aside from the Island Trader, you can also find a broken bridge to the left of this section. You can repair it by exchanging 10x Golden Walnut. Once repaired, cross it to find a dig site. Here, you can harvest rocks, bone nodes, clay nodes, and mahogany tree seeds. To the right of the dig site is the Mushroom Cave. But a boulder will be blocking its entrance at first. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend Golden Walnuts to remove it. Instead, place any bomb item in front of it. This action, similar to other games, will release Professor Snail. You’ll also unlock the Island Field Office, along with the Mushroom Cave. Moving forward, travel to the far north of this section to find the Volcano Dungeon. This area has ten levels, but the first eight have randomly generated maps. If you can reach the tenth level, you can upgrade your weapons and tools using Cinder Shards. Note: You must bring the watering can to traverse lava paths.
Island West
Head left of the southern docks to reach the western part of Ginger Island. But you must first wake up the sleeping turtle that’s blocking the path. Exchange 10x Golden Walnut to move the animal. This area will also be the site for your second farm. Here, you have unique perks, such as crows being unable to appear in this region. That also means that placing scarecrows won’t be necessary. You can also pay a nearby parrot 20x Golden Walnut to build the farmhouse. Then, pay an extra 20x Golden Walnut to build a Farm Obelisk, allowing you to travel back and forth to your farm in Stardew Valley without relying on the boat at the Fish Shop. A Gourmand Frog is also in this area of Ginger Island. Interact with the being, and it’ll start reminiscing about the old days. Finish talking with the frog, and plant Melon, Wheat, and Garlic crops at the Island farm, but don’t harvest them. Once completed, talk to the frog again to receive 5x Golden Walnut. Next, you can travel north of the pond to find a small grove. Push through this Tiger Slime-infested grove to enter a colored crystal cave. Interact with the lion statue at the center to start the puzzle that’s reminiscent of a game of Simon Says. Complete it, and receive 3x Golden Walnut. A shack is by the beach in this section owned by Birdie. She’ll give you the quest “The Pirate’s Wife.” This quest is a bartering quest, and here are the steps to complete it:
  • Give the War Memento to Kent
  • Give the Gourmet Tomato Salt to Gus
  • Give the Stardew Valley Rose to Sandy
  • Give the Advanced TV Remote to George
  • Give the Arctic Shard to the Wizard
  • Give the Wriggling Worm to Willy
  • Give the Pirate's Locket to Birdie
Once completed, Birdie will give you the Fairy Dust recipe and 5x Golden Walnut. After this quest, Birdie will remain on Ginger Island, but she’ll no longer give you any objectives to complete. The beach area also has a green Duggy that moves from hole to hole. You can “whack” it with the watering can to receive 1x Golden Walnut. A shipwreck is also in this part of the Island, where you can enter and find a Golden Walnut. While you’re in the beach area, you’ll also see tide pools that spawn Coral and Sea Urchins. Don’t forget to scour this location for five hidden Golden Walnuts. A mysterious individual named Qi is also in the western part of Ginger Island. But you must pay 100x Golden Walnut to access the room. Talk to the board to look at various completion ratings for your game. Here, you can also trade a special currency called the Qi Gem for items like recipes, furniture, and vanity items. You can acquire Qi Gems by completing objectives requested by the NPC, Mr. Qi.
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