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Project Zomboid: All VHS Skill Tapes & XP Values

Posted on by justin
The TV in Project Zomboid mostly becomes useless after the media shutdown which occurs at different times based on your settings. Although you can disassemble the device for parts, you can still use it to upgrade skills by playing the right VHS tapes. Here, you’ll find all the VHS tapes in Project Zomboid that give skill XP. That way you can become a couch potato and gain something from it!

Project Zomboid VHS Tapes: XP Values, & Skills

Project Zomboid All VHS Skill Tapes Introduced in Build 41, Project Zomboid’s VHS tapes are categorized into two main classifications: Home and Retail. However, most of these VHS tapes don’t offer great value except relieving your character of boredom. Nonetheless, some VHS tapes in Project Zomboid can grant you XP to help enhance specific skills. These VHS skill tapes in Project Zomboid are the following:

Retail VHS

  • Dead Wrong: Aiming +12.5 XP and Reloading +12.5 XP
  • Mother’s Boy: Short Blade +12.5 XP
  • Z-Squad S2.03: Mechanics +12.5 XP and Metalworking +12.5 XP
  • The Cook Show E1: Cooking +87.5 XP (also unlocks Cake Batter crafting recipe)
  • The Cook Show E2: Cooking +100 XP
  • The Cook Show E3: Cooking +62.5 XP
  • The Cook Show E4: Cooking +50 XP
  • The Cook Show E5: Cooking +50 XP
  • The Cook Show E6: Cooking +62.5 XP
  • The Cook Show E7: Cooking +75 XP (also unlocks Pie Dough crafting recipe)
  • Woodcraft E1: Carpentry +62.5 XP
  • Woodcraft E2: Carpentry +50 XP
  • Woodcraft E3: Carpentry +62.5 XP
  • Woodcraft E4: Carpentry +75 XP
  • Woodcraft E5: Carpentry +37.5 XP
  • Woodcraft E6: Carpentry +62.5 XP
  • Woodcraft E7: Carpentry +62.5 XP
  • Exposure Survival E1: Fishing +50 XP (also unlocks Fishing Rod crafting recipe)
  • Exposure Survival E2: Fishing +75 XP
  • Exposure Survival E3: Farming +87.5 XP
  • Exposure Survival E4: Carpentry +75 XP
  • Exposure Survival E5: Carpentry +50 XP and Foraging +12.5 XP
  • Exposure Survival E6: Trapping +125 XP (also unlocks Trap Crate crafting recipe)
  • Exposure Survival E7: Foraging +87.5 XP
  • Exposure Survival E8: Carpentry +87.5 XP
  • Carzone E1: Mechanics +75 XP
  • Carzone E2: Mechanics +75 XP
  • Carzone E3: Mechanics +75 XP

Home VHS

  • OSCC ’92: Mechanics +12.5 XP
  • Stock Cars: Mechanics +12.5 XP
  • Granny Nani: Tailoring +75 XP
  • Tailoring 101: Tailoring +75 XP
  • Nof Vid: Metalworking +100 XP (also unlocks Metal Roof and Metal Walls crafting recipes)
  • No 9: Metalworking +112.5 XP (also unlocks Metal Fences crafting recipe)
  • Muldraugh AV Club: Electricity +75 XP (also unlocks Makeshift Radio crafting recipe)
  • TV Repair: Electricity +75 XP
  • RMFA: First Aid +75 XP
  • Combat Wound Management: First Aid 87.5 XP
  • Grady v King: Lightfooted +12.5 XP
  • Tree Planting Guide: Farming +75 XP
  • Mechanical Quadratics and Algebraic Configurations: Long Blunt +12.5 XP
  • Basic Gun Handling: Aiming +75 XP and Reloading +75 XP (Officer use only)

VHS Skill Tape Locations

VHS skill tapes in Project Zomboid spawn in various locations. However, you’ll typically have better chances of finding these items in the following areas, so it's worth sticking to them:
  • Desks
  • Display shelves
  • End and side tables
  • Wardrobes
  • VHS Stores
  • Storage facilities
  • Residences
  • Tables near TVs
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