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Project Zomboid Carpentry Guide: Best Ways To Level, Tools, Skill Books, & More

Posted on by justin
In Project Zomboid, carpentry is one of the most essential skills to level to keep yourself and your base safe and fortified. This skill allows players to build different fixtures and structures, fortifying an existing base or even building their very own entirely. Before you start grabbing for the power tools, though, you'll need to level up from the beginning first. With that, here's our Project Zomboid carpentry guide on the best ways to level the skill, and the materials and tools you'll need along the way.

What does the Carpentry Skill do in Project Zomboid?

Carpentry in Project Zomboid is a skill that involves constructing and reinforcing things like walls, furniture, and more. This skill tasks players with finding requisite building materials, then utilizing a range of tools to be able to perform actions. Because of Carpentry's key role in building a base and protecting it, it's an excellent skill that all players will want to get at some point in their playthroughs.

Character Creation: Best Occupations for Carpentry Project Zomboid Character Creation

The character creation screen in Project Zomboid allows players to choose an occupation and allocate points across a number of traits and skills. Some occupations offer traits that give players a significant boost to carpentry skills, giving a fantastic head start for the process. These roles include:
  • Park Ranger: Starts with +1 Carpentry, +2 Foraging, and +2 Trapping
  • Construction Worker: Starts with +1 Carpentry and +3 Short Blunt
  • Carpenter: Starts with +3 Carpentry
  • Repairman: Starts with +1 Carpentry and +2 Maintenance
  • Engineer: Starts with +1 Carpentry and +1 Electrical
Among these occupations, the Carpenter can be the best option for the player that wants to master the Project Zomboid carpentry skill quickly. The Park Ranger, Repairman, and Engineer roles are for players wanting to diversify their playstyles while dipping into carpentry along the way.

Carpentry Materials: Tools, Skill Books, and Parts

Project Zomboid Materials In Project Zomboid, a Carpenter’s most trusty tool is the Hammer. Players can find this tool in different places, particularly inside garages along with the Axe, Saw, and Screwdriver, other important tools that can help build and maintain things with Carpentry. Players can the most common construction materials in the following general areas:
  • Nails: Factories, garages, tool sheds, hardware stores, and storage spaces.
  • Planks: Warehouse crates, sheds, storage spaces. Alternatively, smashing doors can create planks.
Other carpentry building materials include the Bag of Plaster Powder, Doorknob, Log, Sheet, Pillow, Rope, Thread, Sand Bag, and Gravel Bag.

Project Zomboid Carpentry Skill Books

Project Zomboid Reading Skill Book Skill books are an important way to help players enhance their characters’ in-game skills by providing a massive experience multiplier. For example, crafting three Planks from one Log gives 0.75 XP. Reading the Level 1 Carpentry book beforehand, however, can provide a 3x XP multiplier, giving the character 2.25 XP per plank. This makes a massive difference in how fast players level their Carpentry skill. These Carpentry skill books offer the following benefits at each tier and level:

Skill Book Volume

Experience Multiplier

Skill Level Requirement

Volume 1 3x For skill levels 1 and 2
Volume 2 5x For skill levels 3 and 4
Volume 3 8x For skill levels 5 and 6
Volume 4 12x For skill levels 7 and 8
Volume 5 16x For skill levels 9 and 10
Once players grow their Carpentry skills they can begin making stronger items than beginners with "exceptional" modifiers, and they also gain access to many higher level Carpentry recipes. With that, if you're looking to make a base that can stand the test of time in Project Zomboid, you'll want to take the time to level up your Carpentry skill first to put things together.

How To Level Carpentry Fast in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Carpentry Level For those looking for alternate ways to gain carpentry XP, you can use the television (while power is active) to watch Life and Living TV at 12 pm every day for the first week of a new save. This will give you passive experience and is a great way to level Carpentry in Project Zomboid without having to brave any dangers or find any materials first. Players can also find and watch carpentry VHS tapes to reach similar results. Still, these methods can take several minutes to complete. Instead, players can level their carpentry skills more quickly by using a hammer with a few planks and nails. The idea here is to build a wooden crate and disassemble it. Repeat the process repetitively to increase the level of your character’s carpentry skill. It’s important to note that this method requires a few more actions than leaving your character to read a book. But the experience gained from assembling and disassembling wooden crates is typically more than the amount received from other sources. Also, keep in mind that if your carpentry skill is still fairly low, disassembling a wooden crate may not restore the planks and nails used to create it. So, it's wise to have several planks and nails in stock before attempting this trick. Note: You can also assemble and disassemble other structures like doors and fences to increase your carpentry skill quickly, and if you've locked down a base first, putting together the perimeter is a great way to put this experience to practical use along the way. You can become a master carpenter yourself in Project Zomboid now by playing on one of our dedicated servers here!
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