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Project Zomboid Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips and Tricks for New Players

Posted on by justin
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Project Zomboid can be a difficult grind for experienced players and a nightmare for newer ones. But don't worry, while it may seem insurmountable, our Project Zomboid beginner's guide will help you better understand how the game flows and what you should prioritize across your adventures to stay alive and see tomorrow. Here's how to get started in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid Beginner's Guide: 10 Tips And Tricks

Project Zomboid Beginner's Guide Survival comes first in Project Zomboid. So here are 10 tips and tricks you can use as a new player in Project Zomboid.

1. Remain Crouched Outdoors

Project Zomboid Crouching Imagine it’s the end of the world, and the only things in your person are an empty backpack and the clothes you’re wearing. At this point, you’re defenseless if a zombie runs (or limps) at you. As a new player in Project Zomboid, your first order of business is to survive. Move slowly through the area that you spawn in by remaining crouched. Take note that crouching in this game does more than staying out of sight from the undead. Since you’re moving slowly, you’re also not making much noise. That way, you’re less likely to attract zombies as opposed to walking normally.

2. Travel Light

Project Zomboid Inventory At this point, it’s safe to say that you still don’t have a base. So, avoid hoarding every item you see from cabinets, shelves, and the carcasses of the zombies you kill. If you do, the items will weigh your character down, reducing movement speed. Instead, only focus on the essentials for now. Here’s a list of items that you should be focusing on:
  • Food
  • Water bottles
  • Medical supplies
  • Books
  • Weapons

3. Set Up Safe Houses

Project Zomboid Safe House Over time, you’re likely to build a base in Project Zomboid. This will be a more permanent location you can stay at between trips and will be a lifeline in the future. But that won’t be happening soon. For now, search the nearby neighborhood for any houses to claim as a safehouse. Make sure to avoid rushing into the first house you’ll see. Breaking a door or window to access relatively any house or establishment in the game is noisy. Always remember that making any loud sounds in Project Zomboid will attract nearby undead. Instead, aim to find a house with an unlocked door. If you’re in trouble and you need to find shelter fast, try disassembling a door. But rebuild the door as fast as possible to prevent zombies from entering your new safe house. Remember, danger lurks everywhere in Project Zomboid, including in your new abode. Remain crouched and stay as quiet as possible as you explore the residence. Kill the undead that might be in the house as silently as possible, which means definitely avoiding using any guns.

4. Read During Downtime

Project Zomboid Reading Books can do more in Project Zomboid than help you pass the time. You can find skill books in the game, and reading them can boost certain traits for your character. The books you’ll find are about: Each book classification has five volumes. Also, you can only read a skill book that aligns with your character’s current skill rank for that category. For example, you can only read the Carpentry Volume 1 book if your character currently has a level 1 or 2 carpentry trait. Here’s how fast your Project Zomboid character can read a skill book:
  • Skill levels 1 and 2: 18 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Skill levels 3 and 4: 21 minutes and 40 seconds
  • Skill levels 5 and 6: 25 minutes
  • Skill levels 7 and 8: 28 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Skill levels 9 and 10: 31 minutes and 20 seconds
Your character’s reading speed also depends on the current level of the reading trait. For example, if you have the “Fast Reader” trait, you’ll complete reading Mechanics Volume 3 book in 17 minutes and 30 seconds instead of 25 minutes. Note: Reading drains various traits from your character over time, such as hunger and thirst. Don’t forget to take breaks from reading to avoid running into difficulties.

5. Avoid Running During An Attack

Zombie push Although it sounds counterintuitive, running isn’t a good option while you’re trying to survive a sudden zombie attack. If you run, you’re likely to meet more undead than what you’re currently handling. The first step is to avoid panicking. Then, search for a spot where you can pick off zombies one by one. A good strategy to follow is to face the zombies while moving backward and in a circle. Push the zombies that come too close. You’ll eventually see the undead making a conga line. At this point, you can use a weapon like a baseball bat or an axe to kill the zombies without taking significant damage.

6. Stock Up On Sheets

Project Zomboid Ripped Sheets It’s safe to say that it’s near-impossible to achieve a perfect “No Damage” run in Project Zomboid without using cheats or mods. So, prepare yourself for bites, slaps, and hits from the undead. However, medical supplies are scarce, especially in the residential area at your spawn point. Thankfully, you can rip sheets from beds and make them into makeshift bandages. But keep in mind that ripped sheets don’t have healing properties. Nonetheless, these items can help stop bleeding, allowing your character to move normally until you can treat the wound properly. Note: Ripped sheets and bandages can become dirty and ineffective over time. Replace these items when needed to avoid getting infected.

7. Barricade Doors and Windows

Project Zomboid Barricade Door Unlike some zombies you see in pop culture references, the undead in Project Zomboid can see you. The living dead can even see you walking around your safe house through the windows. Disassemble wooden doors and furniture from other places to barricade the doors and windows of your safe house. That way, zombies can’t see you inside. You can also save resources by closing the curtains on windows if they have them.

8. Cook Food When Possible

Project Zomboid Cooking Unless your character is in dire need of food, stock up on ingredients like raw meat and canned food. Then, prepare the food in your safe house’s kitchen. The cooked food will satisfy your character more than eating the ingredients alone. Note: You can’t open canned food without a can opener.

9. Bring Your Friends

multiplayer You can choose to survive in the desolate world of Project Zomboid alone, and the challenge might even be what you ultimately seek. Alternatively, though, you can fight for survival with a group of friends and improve your odds of making it to tomorrow. By default, the maximum number of people that can coexist in a single game is 16. Project Zomboid also has multiple options you can toggle and tweak for multiplayer games. These features include an XP multiplier, the number of free trait points, and the rate at which clothing degenerates. You and your friends can start surviving the zombie apocalypse in Project Zomboid with one of our dedicated servers here.

10. Death Isn’t The End

Project Zomboid Death Sometimes, death in Project Zomboid is inevitable, especially when you’re up against a massive horde of zombies while you’re exploring a shopping center. But dying in this game doesn’t necessarily mean you lose everything. Although your old character becomes a zombie, all the items and base-building you've done can carry on to your next character. While you do lose all the progress for the traits you leveled up from your previous playthrough, these items and constructions will give you a nice boost as you build back up. Looking for more advanced tips? Check out our full list of Project Zomboid guides here, and start your very own adventures via one of our dedicated servers here!
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