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Project Zomboid Mechanics Guide: Best Ways to Level, Tools, Manuals & more

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For players looking to use vehicles often in Project Zomboid, Mechanics will be an absolute must to train up. This is especially true if you’ve gone for more difficult settings which can severely limit the number of usable vehicles and well-conditioned parts you can find.

With that, here’s everything you need to know about Mechanics in Project Zomboid.

What does the Mechanics skill do in Project Zomboid?

One of the most important skills in Project Zomboid is Mechanics. This skill allows players to work with vehicle parts and salvage them for resources. 

This skill is so important because you’ll often find damaged or entirely broken down vehicles in your travels in Project Zomboid, and because of how important working cars are to travel and getting out of bad situations in a pinch.

With Mechanics, players can maintain wear and tear on vehicles or fix up junker cars when needed. This ensures there’s always a way to travel the map efficiently.

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Best Ways to Level Mechanics

Mechanics are split across three categories of vehicles - Standard, Heavy Duty, and Sport.

To work on any one category of vehicles, players must have the knowledge to do so. Some of this can be picked up at character creation with skills and traits. For others, players must find them in the world via manuals.

To level up your Mechanics skill in Project Zomboid, you’ll want to maximize skill books. This means reading through the relevant skill books to your level before going to level up the skill directly, as this will bank up an XP modifier that can massively increase your XP per action.

Once your XP modifier is covered, the best way to level Mechanics is to disassemble and reassemble vehicles. This is best done in large parking lots. Just be aware that there is often danger out in the open, and for many Mechanics actions, you won’t be able to watch your own back while performing them.

One trick to make leveling Mechanics as safe as possible is to start with the Burglar occupation, allowing you to hotwire vehicles from the very beginning. With this trait, you can steal cars out in the world that can run, and bring them back to a safe compound where you can perform your vehicle assembly.

Wherever you do it, to get the most XP per vehicle, you’ll want to take off all parts you can. These actions are available based on your Mechanics level and tools, with windows, radios, and doors coming first. Then, replace these parts on the vehicle, or swap the relevant parts between two vehicles of the same model for maximum XP.

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Mechanics Materials: Tools, Manuals, and Parts

Your experience with the Mechanics skill in Project Zomboid can vary wildly depending on how prepared you are. This starts with the materials you have on hand. From tools to skill manuals and vehicle parts, Mechanics can be a nasty grind or a walk in the park depending on what you have available.

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For starters, to make your life easier, finding the Laines Auto Manual - Standard Models, Laines Auto Manual - Commercial Models, and Laines Auto Manual - Performance Models are very important. These skill manuals will allow you to work on all the kinds of vehicles you’ll find in Project Zomboid. That means you won’t have to only search out certain types of vehicles in your travels.

After you ensure you can work on as many vehicles as possible, you’ll need to find requisite tools around the Project Zomboid world to perform different Mechanics skill checks. This includes Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Jacks, Lug Wrenches, Tire Pumps, Propane Torches, Welder Masks, Metal Sheets, Small Metal Sheets, Duct Tape, and Glue.

While these tools can be useful for other things, even as improvised weapons, their main use will be in Mechanics. These tools can be used to disassemble, scrap, assemble, or even dismantle different vehicle parts. The more tools you have available, the more Mechanics operations you have available. This means more possible XP for every vehicle you find. 

Project Zomboid doesn't reward Mechanics XP for repeating processes. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you have the things you need to maximize each vehicle you find.

The more prepared you are for Mechanics in Project Zomboid, the better time you’ll have with the skill. And in the end, it is one that all players should pick up at some point in their playthroughs.

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