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Palworld Sakurajima Update: Release Date, New Pals, & More

Posted on by justin
On January 19, 2024, Palworld took the monster-catching genre by storm as it launched as an Early Access title, adding tons of new features and taking a new approach to the game style. Now, five months later, developer Pocketpair will soon add tons of new content and features with the Palworld Sakurajima update! Here's everything we know so far about the update, including its release date, content, and more.

Palworld Sakurajima Update: What to Know

Palworld Sakurajima Update Previously known as the Summer Update, the Palworld Sakurajima Update seems to take heavy inspiration from historical Japanese design, which is apparent in the new island's architecture. This major patch also includes new content and features, including new pals, a new boss fight, and a PVP arena.

Palworld Sakurajima Release Date

The Palworld Sakurajima Update launches as a free update on June 27, 2024. However, interested content creators can get the update a few days earlier than the rest of the community. Applicants must fill out the form here for a chance to take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t forget to watch the trailer below to glimpse at the Palworld Sakurajima Update and its offerings:

New Island

As mentioned in the update's name, Sakurajima Island is the highlight of this Palworld major patch. It's a new region to explore, but Pocketpair didn't reveal its size or other details at the time of writing. Nonetheless, this new island should have different biomes, like the game's main map. In the trailer, Pal Trainers can explore and experience Sakurajima's various regions, including a shrine, an ominous graveyard, and an area filled with cherry blossoms. It's speculated that each location will have unique Pals, some of which should come with this patch.

New Pals

Like the information regarding the specifics of Sakurajima Island, the details regarding the new Pals included in the update are currently scarce. Still, players can look at the new Pals and their appearances from the trailer. These new creatures that you can capture include those that resemble frogs, ostriches, and turkeys. Additionally, the update adds new subspecies to existing Pals, including a pink Chillet.

New Faction & Boss

Aside from the new Pals, the Palworld Sakurajima Update also brings a new faction to the game, including a new boss battle. The new faction leader comes with a new Pal, and many players expect this battle to be fierce. Some players may want to form strong parties, such as in Palworld dedicated servers, to help bring down this new threat.

Additional Building Features

The Palworld Sakurajima Update has “flavors” for the different players in its community. In particular, builders should be able to build more structures than before, thanks to the update lifting some building restrictions. Soon, players can build more bases, increasing efficiency for tasks like resource and ammunition production.

New Stronghold

The Palworld Sakurajima Update also brings new industrial elements to the monster-catching sandbox title. In particular, a new stronghold in the form of an oil rig will appear, and it will come with new challenges, such as a new high-level poaching group. Palworld’s developer suggests forming parties as "large scale battles" will ensure in this new area.

PVP Arena

Test your skills, mettle, and Pals’ abilities in the new PVP arena. Bring your best Pals with you, and engage in friendly combat with other players in the community. According to the trailer, it seems that each Pal Trainer can bring out up to three Pals at once, which means PVP battles can become chaotic.

Increased Level Cap

Currently, Pals can only go up to level 50. Soon, players can raise their favorite Pals further as the Sakurajima Update raises that cap. However, the developer still has to announce the new level cap when the update launches.

New Raid Boss

Players will need the new level cap to battle the new raid boss with the Sakurajima Update. Although the details regarding this new raid-level boss are currently scarce, Pal Trainers should prepare their best gear and Pals to take down this new threat.
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