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Palworld Bellanoir Raid Guide (Boss, Location, Loot, & more)

Posted on by justin
Palworld recently released version, which comes with the new raid mechanic. The first raid boss, Bellanoir, is an endgame enemy that accepts all challenges from Pals and Pal Trainers at the endgame. So, continue reading as we help you prepare and win against Bellanoir in this Palworld Raid Guide.

Palworld Bellanoir Raid Guide

Palworld Raid Guide

How to Start the Bellanoir Raid

First, players must craft a Bellanoir Slab using 4x Bellanoir’s Slab Fragment at a Summoning Altar. You can find a Bellanoir Slab Fragment from treasure chests in various dungeons, particularly in the following:
  • Ravine Grotto
  • Mountain Stream Grotto
  • Cavern of the Dunes
  • Volcanic Cavern
  • Sacred Mountain Cavern
Note: Craft a Summoning Altar using 100x Stone and 20x Paldium Fragment after unlocking it at the Technology Tree at Level 33. Then, use the Bellanoir Slab at the Summoning Altar to force Bellanoir to appear. However, you must be at least Level 45 to unlock this action. That means the location for the Bellanoir raid in Palworld depends on the summoning place. Remember, you can only place a Summoning Altar at a base. So, putting a Palbox at a location other than your main headquarters is ideal. Otherwise, you risk destroying structures because of the battle.

Bellanoir Raid Boss & Fight Info

Palworld Bellanoir Raid Preparation is vital to winning the Bellanoir raid in Palworld. Remember, you can’t catch Bellanoir during the raid, which renders throwing Pal Spheres useless. So, focus on surviving and winning rather than capturing this challenging Pal. The Bellanoir boss is a Level 30 Dark-type Alpha Pal with a maximum health of 294,000. So, it's ideal to bring Pals with an advantage over the Dark element, particularly dragon. Dragon types like the legendary Jetragon can make this fight more manageable than expected. However, failure to pay attention to Bellanoir’s attacks can still result in defeat, regardless of the number of Dragon-type Pals you bring. Aside from survival, you must be fast in trying to defeat Bellanoir. Once the raid boss battle starts, a 10-minute on-screen timer appears. The raid fails if the timer reaches zero.

Bellanoir Raid Loot

Succeed in defeating Bellanoir to gain the following loot:
  • 1x Ancient Civilization Core
  • 1x Multiclimate Undershirt +1
  • 1x Training Manual (XL)
  • 1x Training Crystal1x Huge Dark Egg (Bellanoir)

Best Pals to Bring to the Palworld Bellanoir Raid

Palworld Elphidran As mentioned earlier, Dragon-type Pals have an offensive and defensive advantage over Bellanoir, making the best Pals to accompany you in this battle. So, here are some excellent dragons that may help you win this challenging fight:


Palworld Chillet Mounting a Chillet lets you take advantage of its Partner Skill, Wriggling Weasel. This skill’s effect changes the player’s damage to dragon while mounting Chillet. Additionally, it increases your base attack significantly.


Palworld Quivern Like mounting a Chillet, riding a Quivern lets you use its Partner Skill, Sky Dragon’s Affections. With it, it increases all Dragon-type damage you and Quivern have dealt to the hit opponent. Quivern also has access to abilities of different elements, including Acid Rain (Water) and Dragon Meteor (Dragon), making this Pal a versatile fighter against Bellanoir.

Jormuntide Ignis

Palworld Jormuntide Ignis Mounting a Jormuntide Ignis isn’t as effective in dealing significant damage to Bellanoir as riding a Chillet or Quivern. It’s because its Partner Skill, Stormbringer Lava Dragon, increases the Fire damage dealt by the player and Jormuntide Ignis while mounting this Pal. Instead, dismount Jormuntide Ignis and let it focus on using its Dragon Meteor, a 150-power attack that can deal massive damage to Bellanoir. This Fire/Dragon Pal can also access other powerful active skills, including Fire Ball (Fire) and Tri-Lightning (Electric).


Palworld Relaxaurus Perhaps one of the benefits of using Relaxaurus in this fight is that you probably captured this Pal during the game’s early stages. That means you should have many opportunities to build this seemingly docile dragon. If properly built, you can take advantage of its skills, especially its Partner Skill, Hungry Missile, to remove a chunk out of Bellanoir’s health.


Palworld Jetragon Jetragon is the fastest flying mount in Palworld. Riding this Pal allows you to weave in and out of danger zones, especially where Bellanoir’s attacks are about to hit. Plus, you can use Jetragon’s Partner Skill, Aerial Missile, to fire a barrage of missiles and deal massive damage.

Honorable Mention

Palworld Gobfin Choose one of the dragons mentioned above as your main attacker against Bellanoir. Then, fill the other four slots in your party with Gobfins. This Water-type Pal’s Partner Skill, Angry Shark, increases your attack passively, even when it’s not the active Pal. Additionally, this skill’s perk stacks for explosive damage numbers.

Bellanoir Stats

Upon hatching from its egg, Bellanoir officially joins your ranks. Introduced in the Palworld Update v0.2.0.6, here’s what you should know about this Pal to help you make the most of its abilities:
  • Paldeck Entry Number: 112
  • Paldeck Entry Description: Without existing, she quietly gazed upon the world. One day, she was seized with a longing to be seen. With unbridled lust for vengeance against reality, thus was born the Eclipsed Siren.
  • Partner Skill: Nightmare Iris – When activated, attacks the targeted enemy with a powerful Nightmare Ray.
  • Work Suitability: Handiwork Lv. 2, Medicine Lv. 4, and Transporting Lv. 2
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