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Ranking the Fastest Flying Mounts in Palworld

Posted on by justin
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Riding a flying mount in Palworld is an exhilarating experience. While riding a flying Pal, you’ll gain a new perspective from above. But you can explore more of the game’s map with fast-flying Pal. So, continue reading as we unveil the fastest flying mount in Palworld.

Ranking the Fastest Flying Mounts in Palworld

#5 (tied) - Beakon

Palworld Beakon Sprint Speed: 1200 Venture into the western regions of the Deep Sand Dunes to find the Beakon. This aggressive Pal will attack you on sight. However, brave this challenge and capture it to take advantage of its reasonably fast flying speed. While mounted, the Beakon also imbues all your attacks with Electric. So, mount this majestic flying beast when you want an easier time dealing with hostile Water-type Pals.

#5 (tied) - Shadowbeak

Palworld Shadowbeak Sprint Speed: 1200 If you’re into using Dark-type attacks while soaring through Palworld’s skies, the Shadowbeak can be an ideal choice. It’s still one of the fastest flying mounts in Palworld, tied on speed with the Beakon, and it also enhances your Dark-type attacks to deplete the health of Neutral-type Pals fast.

#4 - Ragnahawk

Palworld Ragnahawk Sprint Speed: 1300 Although it has a different name, the Ragnahawk is a species related to the Beakon. With that, this bird-like Pal shares a similar flying speed as its Electric-type cousin, though it does edge it out in the end at 1300. The Ragnahawk also has a similar Partner Skill, albeit it imbues your attacks with Fire instead of Electric.

#3 - Faleris

Palworld Faleris Sprint Speed: 1400 If you’re having trouble fighting and capturing a Jetragon, Faleris is one of the best options for an easier-to-catch alternative. Players can typically find this flying Fire-type Pal at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Capture and mount this colorful flying Pal, and you can also use its Partner Skill called “Scorching Predator.” With it, Ice-type Pals may drop more items when defeated, helping you with item-gathering operations.

#2 - Frostallion/Frostallion Noct

Palworld Frostallion Sprint Speed: 1500 Frostallion, an Ice-type Pal, and Frostallion Noct, its Dark-type variant, are also excellent options for exploring Palworld’s skies as the second fastest flying Pal in Palworld. These majestic Pegasus-like creatures can also help players deal with specific enemies. In particular, mounting the Frostallion imbues your attacks with Ice. On the other hand, riding a Frostallion Noct changes your attacks to Dark-type. Find a Frostallion in the northwestern region of the snowy mountain biome. However, you can only acquire a Frostallion Noct by breeding a Frostallion with a Helzephyr. #1 - Jetragon Fastest Flying Mount in Palworld Sprint Speed: 3300 The fastest flying mount in Palworld is none other than Jetragon. This legendary Pal has an impressive base flying speed and an even more remarkable airborne sprinting speed. Note: Enhance the Jetragon’s flying speed further if it has the Runner Passive Skill. However, Pal Trainers must wait until the endgame before they have a chance to capture a Jetragon. Additionally, the odds of this Pal staying inside a Pal Sphere can be significantly low, even when using Legendary Spheres. Nonetheless, successfully capturing a Jetragon won’t only let you use its blazingly fast flying speed but also its combat prowess. Mount it, and lay waste to your enemies with the Jetragon’s missiles.
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