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What are the Best Pals for Combat and Work in Palworld?

Posted on by justin
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Palworld is home to many unique creatures, all with unique capabilities for the many different kinds of work in Palworld, and some being bred for combat. With that, here we'll cover the best combat pals in Palworld and the best pals for each job on your base.

Best Pals for Combat in Palworld

Palworld Best Pals for Combat Combat in Palworld is a reasonably straightforward affair. In other words, you and your Pals should deal more damage to enemies' health than their attacks. But certain Pals are far superior to others on the battlefield thanks to their sheer battle strength and utility. These creatures include the following:

Jormuntide Ignis

Palworld Jormuntide Ignis As one of the late-game Pals, Jormuntide Ignis is a must-have Pal that’s also a beast in combat. Some Pal trainers may also rely on this Pal for almost every fighting scenario in the game. Several reasons support this thought, such as it being one of the Fire-type Pals, allowing this Pal to deal extra damage to Grass and Ice. Additionally, Jormuntide Ignis can learn Fire Ball and Dragon Meteor. These two attacks deal have base powers of 150, which can bite a massive chunk out of the health bar of almost every foe this Pal hits.


Palworld Jormuntide

The Jormuntide Ignis’ Water-type variant, the Jormuntide, can also learn Dragon Meteor. Although this variant can’t learn Fire Ball, it can get the Hydro Laser normally, which is also a 150-power move. However, the standard Jormuntide is only strong against the Fire element, making it slightly fall short of its Fire-type cousin.

Lyleen Noct

Palworld Lyleen Noct Lyleen Noct can access both Dark and Ice attacks without relying on Skill Fruits. That means this Dark-type variant of the Grass-type Lyleen isn’t weak to Fire. Albeit the Lyleen Noct is still weak to Dragon-type attacks, the Pal population for this element is generally fewer than the Fire-type Pal populace. Additionally, Lyleen Noct’s Partner Skill, Goddess of the Tranquil Light, greatly stores its Pal master’s health. That way, you can restore your health without significantly relying on costly healing items.


Palworld Jetragon Say “Hello” to the fastest natural flyer in Palworld. Although Pal trainers can catch this legendary creature by the endgame, owning a Jetragon may let you leave other flyers at the base. Aside from being an excellent flying mountable Pal, the Jetragon can hold its own in a fight. Like the Jormuntide and its Fire/Dragon variant, this Pal can learn Dragon Meteor. Mounting it also gives you access to its Partner Skill, Aerial Missile, allowing you to fire missile launchers at poor, unsuspecting foes.


Palworld Menasting Do you want to enhance your defenses while fighting wild, powerful Pals? If so, the Menasting can be a reliable partner for these combat scenarios. This Ground/Dark Pal’s Partner Skill, Steel Scorpion, increases its Pal master’s defense temporarily. Mensting can also learn Rock Lance, a 150-power Ground-type attack that’s a reliable technique to damage foes.

Best Pals for Work in Palworld

Palworld Best Pals for Work The Pals mentioned below have specific work traits that are Level 3 or 4, making these creatures the best in their categories. Note that Farming isn't included since this trait isn't based on levels, but the item dropped by the specific Pal assigned to the Ranch.
  • Transporting: Wumpo and Wumpo Botan
  • Kindling: Jormuntide Ignis
  • Handiwork: Anubis
  • Generating Electricity: Relaxaurus Lux and Grizzbolt
  • Watering: Jormuntide
  • Mining: Astegon
  • Medicine Production: Vaelet, Felbat, Lyleen, and Lyleen Noct
  • Lumbering: Wumpo, Wumpo Botan, Bushi, and Warsect
  • Planting: Lyleen
  • Gathering: Frostallion Noct
  • Cooling: Frostallion
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