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Palworld Best Base Locations for Mining, Farming, Bossing, & more

Posted on by justin
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A solid base location is essential in Palworld. The right place for your headquarters should have proximity to resources and excellent natural defenses, among other factors. Here, we’ll explore the best base locations in Palworld according to your specific goals.

The Best Base Locations in Palworld

Palworld Best Base Locations It's important to mention that the best base locations in Palworld typically depend on objectives and preferences. For example, one place can be great for mining Ore but not ideal for farming Wood and other materials. Alternatively, another location might become an excellent fortress because tall cliffs surround the area. However, this place might not have sufficient resources, such as High Quality Pal Oil for crafting guns. Thankfully, Palworld allows Pal trainers to build multiple bases through natural progression. So, below are the best bases in Palworld based on specific goals:

Best Base Location for Beginners – Plateau of Beginnings (235, -510)

Palworld Best Base Location for Beginners Upon leaving the cave where beginners first spawn into Palworld, you'll undoubtedly find a reasonably large, flat terrain nearby. Here, you'll find multiple nodes for Stone and Paldium Fragments. The location also has many trees and red berry bushes, so you wouldn't run out of Wood and food even during the game's early stages. Additionally, this location at Windswept Plateau only has a few slopes that serve as its entry and exit points. That means this place is relatively easy to defend since it naturally bottlenecks enemies.

Best Base Location for Mining Ore – Hillside (3, -520)

Palworld Base Location for Ore Progress through the game, and you'll eventually need to craft Ingots. Remember, crafting an Ingot requires 2x Ore, which means you must now farm for this resource. Unfortunately, roaming Palworld's massive map and gathering Ore from deposits aren't ideal, especially since the material is heavy. Instead, build a second base in an area that's to the south of the Alpha Kingpaca. Mark these coordinates on your map and follow them. You'll arrive at a reasonably small area with clumps of Ore deposits. Place a Palbox here and get those Pal miners to work. In particular, Digtoise works wonders in this location. Some Ore deposits in this area are close, allowing this Ground-type Pal to spin and mine the material efficiently. Don’t forget to place Pals with the Transporter trait to deliver the mined Ore to storage containers.

Best Base Location for Ancient Civilization Parts – Windswept Hills (155, -395)

Best Base Location for Ancient Civilization Parts Ancient Civilization Parts are resources required to make mid- to endgame items. But the only way to farm these items is to defeat bosses, notably the Alpha and dungeon boss variants of Pals. Perhaps one of the easiest Alpha Pals to capture or defeat to farm Ancient Civilization Parts is the Alpha Chillet. However, it's still a trek to reach this boss arena. Instead, place a Palbox near this location, particularly at coordinates 155, -395, so that you can reach the Alpha Chillet sooner than later. Additionally, multiple Teafants spawn near this area. So, this base location can also be ideal for farming Pal Fluids, especially during the game's early stages.

Best Base Location for Farming Other Resources – Wildlife Sanctuary (85, -735)

Best Base Location for Farming Other Resources Use a mountable Water-type Pal, like Surfent, and swim south of the Flying Fish Coast to reach one of the three Wildlife Sanctuaries. This place is swarming with massive Pals to capture or incapacitate, including Grizzbolt, Azurobe, and Elphidran. Going with either route lets you farm different resources aside from Ore. Spend time capturing or defeating these wild Pals, and you’ll collect materials like the following:
  • Ice Organ
  • Low-Grade Medical Supplies
  • Tomato Seeds
  • High-Quality Pal Oil
  • Cloth
  • Beautiful Flower
  • Leather
  • Electric Organ
Like other Wildlife Sanctuaries, this region is reasonably small. That way, you don’t have to search far and wide for these wild Pals, saving you valuable time and effort.

Best Base Location for Saving Captured Pals – Investigator’s Fork (-185, -130)

Best Base Location for Saving Captured Pals If you want to become the hero for Pals captured by Syndicate Thugs, this location at the Investigator's Fork can be a good spot for your next base. The place is slightly west of the Alpha Anubis boss fight, and it’s an opening surrounded by bamboo trees. Once you’re here, take a second to survey the area; you’ll notice several puffs of smoke nearby. These smoke signals are indicators that Syndicate Thug bases are at those places. Additionally, each of these locations has a captured Pal. Defeat the Syndicate Thugs in those areas and release the Pal from its prison. If successful, the Pal is added to your Pal Inventory. Note that these captured Pals and the Syndicate Thugs respawn eventually. Then, fast-travel to this Palbox and repeat the release process as often as you like.
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