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Palworld Guns Guide: All Guns, Level Requirements, Stats, & How to Get Them

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes)
Perhaps it’s time to let legendary Pals and difficult bosses say “Hello” to your “little friends.” These “allies” are guns, and it’s one of the features that separate Palworld from other creature-capturing titles. Here, we’ll give you the rundown on the basics of getting guns in Palworld, including their level requirements, as well as their stats so you can even the playing field with your foes.

All Guns in Palworld

Palworld Guns Note that Guns in Palworld typically fall under two categories: standard and Pal equipment. Below is a list of standard firearms available in the game. On the other hand, guns for Pals are typically circumstantial. In other words, only some pals can carry firearms; you must unlock those weapons from the Tech Tree. Then, craft the items using the Pal Gear Workbench before you can give the weapon to a specific Pal. For example, Lifmunks can only carry a unique submachine gun. Unlock this item from the Tech Tree and only upon reaching Level 11. It also means that you can’t give any other weapon to a Lifmunk since the submachine gun is tied to its skills. Another example is the Rushoar Saddle, which you can equip to the aforementioned Pal to farm ores, like Paldium Fragments. It’s also important to mention that the following list only covers the guns in the game. The firearms listed below won’t cover other ranged weapons, such as bows and grenades.


Palworld Musket
  • Base Attack Power: 1,000
  • Level Unlock: 21
  • Materials Required: 25x Ingot, 5x High Quality Pal Oil, and 30x Wood

Makeshift Handgun

Palworld Makeshift Handgun
  • Base Attack Power: 320
  • Level Unlock: 25
  • Materials Required: 35x Ingot, 10x High Quality Pal Oil, and 30x Fiber


Palworld Handgun
  • Base Attack Power: 250
  • Level Unlock: 29
  • Materials Required: 50x Ingot and 15x High Quality Pal Oil

Single-Shot Rifle

Palworld Single-shot Rifle
  • Base Attack Power: 1,100
  • Level Unlock: 36
  • Materials Required: 20x Refined Ingot and 5x Polymer

Double Barreled Shotgun

Palworld Double-Barreled Shotgun
  • Base Attack Power: 190
  • Level Unlock: 39
  • Materials Required: 30x Refined Ingot and 7x Polymer

Pump Action Shotgun

Palworld Pump-action Shotgun
  • Base Attack Power: 220
  • Level Unlock: 42
  • Materials Required: 30x Refined Ingot, 20x Polymer, and 40x Carbon Fiber

Assault Rifle

Palworld Assault Rifle
  • Base Attack Power: 20
  • Level Unlock: 45
  • Materials Required: 40x Refined Ingot, 10x Polymer, and 30x Carbon Fiber

Rocket Launcher

Palworld Rocket Launcher
  • Base Attack Power: 10,000
  • Level Unlock: 49
  • Materials Required: 75x Pal Metal Ingot, 30x Polymer, and 50x Carbon Fiber
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