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Palworld Paldium Fragment Farming Guide

Posted on by justin
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Throw Pal Spheres at Palworld’s creatures to catch them. However, you must craft these “balls” first, and one of the required ingredients is the Paldium Fragment. Here, you’ll find ways to farm the Paldium Fragment in Palworld. That way, you won’t run out of Pal Spheres when a rare Pal appears.

How to Get Paldium Fragments in Palworld?

Palworld Paldium Fragment Thankfully, Paldium Fragment farming in Palworld isn’t a difficult endeavor. In particular, players can use different methods to collect this essential resource.

Method #1: Finding Paldium Fragments

Palworld Finding Paldium Fragment The Paldium Fragment in Palworld is an early-game resource. That means players can access this item almost immediately after leaving the cave at the first spawn point. Then, you’ll typically chance upon Paldium Fragments on the ground, allowing you to pick them up like regular rocks and twigs. Simply interact with the glowing blue stones on the ground, and you should have a sufficient amount quickly.

Method #2: Mining Paldium Fragments

Palworld Mining Another method to farm Paldium Fragments is to search for stone clusters. In the beginning, you can hit these rock formations with your fist. You’ll gain stones more often than not. However, a Paldium Fragment or two will appear once in a while. Craft and equip a pickaxe to make mining for the resource faster than hitting the rock clusters with your fists. Palworld Paldium Fragment Deposit Alternatively, mine Paldium Fragments from Paldium ore deposits. Unlike the large stone clusters, Paldium deposits are generally smaller. However, you can differentiate Paldium-gathering points from the standard rock formations by their glowing blue highlights. Hitting Paldium ore deposits will yield more Paldium Fragments than stone clusters.

Method #3: Using the Crusher

Palworld Crusher Unlock the Crusher at Technology Tree at Level 8. Then, build it using 50x Wood, 20x Stone, and 10x Paldium Fragment. Once built, place it in the vicinity of your base, preferably on a spot with a reasonably flat terrain. With this crafting station, you can crush stones and transform them into Paldium Fragments. However, your human character can’t operate this device. Instead, have one of your applicable Pals use it for you. Some notable Pals to assign to this machine are Celaray, Pengullet, and Teafant.
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