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Palworld Summer Update: New Pals, PVP Arena, & More

Posted on by justin
Pocketpair took the gaming world by storm when it released Palworld. Although it bears many similarities to the Pokémon franchise, it sets itself apart from that famous franchise by having unique features. After over half a year since its launch date, Palworld’s developers will add various “fan-awaited” features to the beloved title. So, here’s what we know (so far) about the Palworld Summer Update.

What We Know About the Palworld Summer Update

Palworld Summer 2024 Update After the Raid Update, the Palworld Summer Update seems to be an excellent avenue for much-awaited features to this beloved monster-catching title. Below are the things we know about the upcoming content and features:

Palworld Arena

Palworld Arena Many Palworld players are quick to reach the endgame. At this point, these Pal Trainers become full-fledged Pal Masters with powerful Pals that help them with various tasks. Soon, these veteran players, along with new Pal Trainers, can duke it out with their Pals in an upcoming PVP mode. Dubbed the Pal Arena, the announcement for this mode showed two Pal Trainers and their teams of chosen Pals in a coliseum match. Although little information is known about this new PVP mode at the time of writing, there might be exclusive rewards for engaging in friendly combat with other Pal Trainers.

New Pals

Palworld New Pals Palworld announced a host of new Pals that'll arrive at the game soon. At the time of writing, the developer didn't announce the official names of these new Pals. However, these new creatures include a frog in martial arts attire carrying a tick, a meditating dog, and an ostrich adorned with beautiful clothes. Check out the trailer for these unnamed new Pals below:

Summer Game Fest 2024

At the time of writing, Pocketpair hasn’t released information about specific release dates for these features. However, the game’s official account on X (formerly known as Twitter) announced that the company would reveal many "exciting things," including some "long-awaited features," which should include the upcoming PVP arena and the additional Pals. Summer Game Fest 2024 starts on June 7. However, Palworld’s developers should mention the game’s upcoming updates on the PC Gamer’s showcase on June 9.
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