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Palworld Oil Rig Location, How to Enter, & Fight Tips

Posted on by justin
The Oil Rig in Palworld is a challenging late-game location introduced in the Sakurajima Update. Currently, it’s the toughest location on the map, reducing many Pal Trainers and their Pals to ashes before they can even get close to the hostile base. However, those who are successful in their endeavor to be rewarded with endgame prizes. So, let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Oil Rig in Palworld, including its location and how to navigate its deadly halls.

Where is the Oil Rig in Palworld?

Palworld Oil Rig Location After updating your game with the Sakurajima patch, you should see a new structure east of Marsh Island on your map. This new location is the Oil Rig Stronghold. Like the Wildlife Sanctuaries, the Oil Rig in Palworld doesn't have a Fast Travel Point. So, you must travel to this dangerous endgame location using a Pal that can fly or swim. However, ensure you mount a fast-traveling Pal when nearing the Oil Rig. Otherwise, its turrets can take you and your Pal down in a few seconds. Mounting one of the fastest flying Pals in Palworld, particularly the Jetragon, may help increase your chances of survival when getting close to the Oil Rig.

How to Enter the Oil Rig

Palworld Oil Rig The Oil Rig in Palworld is dangerous even from afar. The floating establishment is armed to the teeth, so much so that its borders are lined with turrets, laser cannons, and hostile Pals. Before attempting this hazardous feat, it might be ideal to be at least Level 50. Additionally, call help from other Pal Trainers and set up a Palworld multiplayer server. That way, one (or a few) of your teammates may act as decoys for you to enter the Oil Rig unscathed. Also, don’t forget to equip your best armor and weapon. The Legendary Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor and its Cold Resistant counterpart are excellent for this operation. If you have the Legendary Rocket Launcher, bring it with you, for it'll help deal massive damage to the many hostile enemies you'll encounter throughout this challenging operation.

Beating the Oil Rig

Palworld Entering Oil Rig Specifically, you can't "beat" the Oil Rig as enemies respawn over time. However, your Oil Rig run can be successful by looting the chests hidden within the establishment. Remember, you must make this challenge as easy as possible to prevent wasting resources and encountering an early death. Once inside, start by disengaging the turrets that were trying to shoot you down when you were traveling to the Oil Rig. Do this task by interacting with the console next to each turret. Next, destroy the Gatling Guns stationed across the Oil Rig’s borders. Avoid mounting on Pals while taking out these automated firing mechanisms as they deal bonus damage on mounted Pal Trainers. Instead, use your most powerful firearm while evading the rain of bullets to destroy the Gatling Guns individually. Remember, the turrets and Gatling Guns aren’t the only dangers inside the Oil Rig in Palworld. Hostile human NPCs and Pals will attack you from every corner. Also, the hostile humans often carry endgame weaponry, which can easily deplete your armor and health if you’re not careful. Quickly dispose of these groups of enemies by firing your Legendary Rocket Launcher at them. Alternatively, summon a Pal with a strong AoE ability, such as Grizzbolt, Relaxaurus Lux, and Jormuntide Ignis. Once the coast is clear, search the area for the large treasure chests. Note that these containers spawn in random locations. Additionally, the chests’ spawn locations change about every hour. Here are some things to expect when finding a large treasure chest in the Oil Rig in Palworld:

Leaving the Oil Rig

Once you’re done looting the Oil Rig in Palworld, or if you want to escape the onslaught, you can manually mount your preferred Pal and leave the area. However, a fast way to escape this hellish location is by using Dogen’s Partner Skill, Homeward Prayer. Once activated, Homeward Prayer teleports the entire party to the nearest base.
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