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Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot: How to Try Out Update 22W46A

Posted on by amber
Just earlier today, the latest Minecraft snapshot went live! One of many gradual snapshots that will be adding new features alongside those showcased during Minecraft Live. So, without further ado, let us jump into all the new features and our step-by-step guide on how to give snapshot 22W46A a try!

Details and Adjustments

In addition to all the features shown during Minecraft live, snapshot 22W46A includes the recently announced playable mob sounds, piglin mob heads, and unexpected mob spawning changes to the nether. More details on each are found below!
New Blocks
  • Piglin Heads
Mojang has confirmed Piglin heads are obtained by killing a piglin with a supercharged creeper. Once looted, they can be placed as decorative items, and redstone signals will cause their ears to flap. Like any other head, they can also be worn, causing even more ear flapping as the player runs about.
New Features
  • Playable Mob Sounds
Placing a mob head on top of a noteblock now causes it to play the head’s ambient mob sound when activated. This works with all mob heads obtainable in vanilla gameplay, including zombie heads, skeleton heads, creeper heads, wither skeleton heads, ender dragon heads, and the newly added piglin heads.
Game Adjustments
  • Slots on Chiselled bookshelves can now be specifically targeted.
  • In the nether, Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons now spawn at light level 7 and below.
  • Various bamboo texture changes.
The spawn changes in the nether are being made to nerf some nether portal mob farms. Previously, the mobs mentioned above spawned at light level 11 and below.
New Commands
  • fillbiome
This long-awaited command allows players to change biomes! The blocks within them remain the same, however.
  • More Diagnostic Tracking
A required event and several opt-in events are being added to Minecraft. For further details, please see their official write-up here.

How to Install Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 22W46A

Playable Mob Sounds Example Screenshot In Java Edition, installing Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 22W46A is done right from the Minecraft client. Players need only open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the ‘Installations’ tab. From there, click “New Installation,” select “Latest Snapshot” in the drop-down menu, and click create. Your new Minecraft 1.20 snapshot installation will now be a selectable option before clicking play. However, Minecraft 1.20 snapshots have a few extra steps. Once in the game, click “Create New World,” select “Datapacks,” and enable the built-in “bundle” and “update_1_20” datapacks before clicking “Create New World” again. Then, with the new world made, all that’s left is to select it and click play! Please note snapshots and pre-releases can corrupt worlds! Ensure backups have been taken.

How to make Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 22W46A Servers

Playable Mob Sounds All Heads Screenshot Interested in trying out playable mob sounds with friends? Snapshot servers can be created for free through home hosting, but we recommend paid hosting options for ease of use and performance. Especially with snapshots since they can be buggy! Paid hosting is offered here at BisectHosting and many other places around the web. In either case, no less than 4GB of server RAM is recommended.

Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot: How to Try Out Update 22W46A

True to Mojang’s promise during Minecraft Live, the first of many unannounced Minecraft 1.20 features has arrived! It is a shame the mob head selection is limited, but hopefully, we will have more before the patch is released officially. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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